Black Tide

A massive oil spill at sea which has washed ashore
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Should her brother's aimless footsteps stray thitherward, and he but bend, one moment, over the deep, black tide, would he not bethink himself that here was the sure refuge within his reach, and that, with a single step, or the slightest overbalance of his body, he might be forever beyond his kinsman's gripe?
8 TAULUPE FALETAU Excellent early and topped Lions tackle count but could not stem the Black tide as the game wore on6
Tour captain Sam Warburton (left) will be looking to start Saturday's second Test after failing to stem the All Black tide after coming on as a replacement.
6 TAULUPE FALETAU: Excellent early on, but had problems in the loose and again could not stem the Black tide as the game wore on 6 REPLACEMENTS: Disappointing impact from Gatland's much-hyped bench.
After the embarrassment of that result, Australia breathed fire and brimstone, put their shoulders to more work this time around, but fell short in fundamental areas while the black tide refused to relent until they drowned.
They punched above their weight in the first two Tests and were in a very competitive state around the hour mark in both games before the famous All Black tide swept in during the final quarter to disfigure the scoreboard.
The biggest challenge for Gatland's men in Wellington will be to stem the All Black tide that everyone is predicting will engulf them much earlier than last week, having blown away the cobwebs after seven months without an international match.
Other artists on the M7 Agency roster include: Black Tide, Smile Empty Soul, Eye Empire, Blameshift, Shallow Side, Lullwater, Lillian Axe, Cage9, i-Exist, Emperors and Elephants, Era9, Skinlab and more.
2) The surging black tide slammed into the home where their two sons sheltered.
Nujaifi stressed "the need to provide humanitarian support to the displaced people who are suffering humanitarian conditions extremely difficult and urgently military support, to counter the black tide of the IS and fight and finally expelled them out of Iraq.
The lead changed hands several times in the all-action clash but New Zealand's blacK tide swept to victory as they outscored South Africa by five tries to four and finished off their unbeaten run with a flourish to claim the silverware with a 38-27 win.
A day later, when a thick black tide of crude filled a bay of this popular resort island, the same executive, Pornthep Butniphant, said the oil would decompose naturally and have "no effect on the environment.