Black Talon Bullet

A line of ammunition produced by Winchester in the 1990s for the most common calibers of guns, and primarily for law enforcement and self-defense, which exhibited extreme expansion when impacting soft targets (flesh)
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There was shock in court as it emerged that Pistorius, 27, had been using the Black Talon bullet, similar to the expanding dum-dum bullet.
Winchester's approach, in what would eventually be introduced as its Black Talon bullet, was to combine substantial expansion and attendant tissue destruction with the minimum twelve-inch penetration (under all conditions) requirement of the new FBI performance standard.
The first time I saw something like this was during Corzine's development of the Black Talon bullet.
He was on the payroll of the Olin Corporation, the company that manufactures the notorious Winchester Black Talon bullet, a spokeswoman of the Violence Policy Center helpfully added.
If the Black Talon bullet had remained available, it would be tailor-made for gang warfare.
Freeh took the opportunity to applaud the manufacturer of the Black Talon bullet for ending the public sale of the dangerous ammunition, which he said was tailor made for gang warfare.
Four months ago we called attention to the new Black Talon bullet, which was specifically designed to shred human flesh; today, as I write, Winchester has withdrawn it from the market because of mounting adverse publicity.
The Black Talon bullet took out both shoulders, causing the fleeing animal's snout to form a fulcrum as it flipped end-over-end into the bushes like a gymnast at the Summer Olympics.