Black Skull

The best-studied skull of Australopithecus aethipicus. Discovered near Lake Turkana, Africa, in 1985 by Richard Leakey, and reconstructed by Alan Walker, the Black Skull (KNM-WT 17000) is the most diagnostic specimen of Australopithecus aethiopicus ever found.
References in classic literature ?
Fentolin, in a black cape and black skull cap, sat a little forward in his electric carriage, with his hand upon the guiding lever.
Without revealing many details, police said the suspect was last seen wearing a black skull cap and a black jacket, the (http://www.
89 SKULL BOWL Halloween gothic deluxe black skull bowl, Struts, www.
Actually it's a scarf, an Alexander McQueen black skull scarf that's very light and goes with everything.
The cases are also lined using the signature ivory and black skull print.
A series of menacing selfies he took before carrying out the massacre were seen by the jury, showing him in a black skull cap with black contact lenses in his eyes.
There are pieces picked up from our travels, like the angel wing dish from the streets of Hong Kong and the black skull from Lille, France, and the Fornasetti plates, a gift of Romain from Paris, and souvenirs from exhibits on the art wall.
Two cast-bronze panels [Rabbit Punch and Barnburner) are dolloped with Slop, and two large flooring panels are branded with burned-in symbols--a palm tree, crosshairs, and an emblem of the secret society "Boule," known as "the Black Skull and Bones.
Abdulmutallab, 24, came to court wearing a dashiki, an African gown, and black skull cap and was silent as he settled at the defense table.
Bring spirit to the dining table with a collection of haunting pieces: A set of six bone china plates, pounds 120, put together make up a complete skeleton, while refired plates, pounds 21 each, featuring a black skull, eye, snake or scorpion beetle on a white background, could be matched with napkins.
The bar also hosts Howard Marks' new dark secret: his personal moonshine which comes in a black skull and crossbones bottle.
Each green displays two flags - a white flag marking the easier pin position and the black skull and crossbones pinpointing the more difficult challenge.