Black Russian

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Drug slang A regional street term for very potent hashish or hashish mixed with opium
Mixology A mixed drink containing 1 1/2 oz vodka and 3/4 oz coffee liqueur
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Black Russian caviar is the world's most prized, and our partnership with Russian Caviar House empowers us to provide customers with the finest, 100% authentic, black Russian caviar they seek.
Black Russian Terriers are bred to serve as not only pets, but for protection and security work as well.
Favourite veggie: Black Russian tomato "My happiness is sitting in a summer garden within arm's reach of the season's first ripe tomatoes (the other arm may be occupied with a tall glass of homemade cider).
Check out heritage varieties Black Russian, with large mahogany green fruits, sweet and acidic at the same time.
Which spirit is the base for a Black Russian cocktail?
Barnes made the groundbreaking research on the black Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin's great-grandfather, Ibrahim Petrovich Gannibal, who had seven children but whose progeny's whereabouts are shrouded in mystery.
Black Russian and Singapore Sling may be the famous traditional names on the cocktail menu but they'll also make you up a Welsh one at Mimosa Kitchen & Bar in Mermaid Quay.
She has taken a housebound patient's canary to the vet, and once talked a patient into letting her take blood--'but only after I promised to bring him four bananas, black Russian bread and washing powder in a green container with five holes on the top.
Wines: Louis Roederer Quartet NV , Anderson V alley, California; Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese (JJ Prum) 1995; Masseto 1994 Ornellaia (Bolgheri); and Chateau Climens, Barsac 1990After dinner: Royal Vintage Port 1960, Iced Smirnoff Black Russian Vodka, Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, Makutsuru Sake and Royal Lochnagar 12-year-old single malt
Kahlua is a primary ingredient in drinks such as a Black Russian, in which it is combined with vodka.
Killens's last published novel, Great Black Russian, imagines the life of Alexander Pushkin, who was a contemporary of Vesey on the world scene, but the crucial action and drama in the novel unfold in the decade or so following Vesey's death.
It launched pre-mixed versions of White Russian and Black Russian and will follow with a Sea Breeze and Cosmopolitan.