Black Russian

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Drug slang A regional street term for very potent hashish or hashish mixed with opium
Mixology A mixed drink containing 1 1/2 oz vodka and 3/4 oz coffee liqueur
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Black Russian Terriers are bred to serve as not only pets, but for protection and security work as well.
You would be forgiven the assumption that The Black Russian, a new book by Vladimir Alexandrov, is about the vodka and coffee liqueur cocktail--perhaps tracing its history, measuring its popularity, and bemoaning the fact that "The Dude" in the Coen brothers' film The BigLebowski will only drink a White Russian.
For the next 15 years, she became famous as a black Russian activist, fighting for minority causes and racial harmony.
Black Russian and Singapore Sling may be the famous traditional names on the cocktail menu but they'll also make you up a Welsh one at Mimosa Kitchen & Bar in Mermaid Quay.
She has taken a housebound patient's canary to the vet, and once talked a patient into letting her take blood--'but only after I promised to bring him four bananas, black Russian bread and washing powder in a green container with five holes on the top.
My Long Journey Home is emphatically Golden's story and not an afterthought or complement to the book published in the United States in 1992 by her Russian-American celebrity-television-personality daughter, Yelena Khanga, entitled Soul to Soul: A Black Russian American Family 1865-1992.
Black Russian. Its dark coloured fruits are incredibly juicy and taste is enhanced with a slight saltiness.
Meanwhile, local kingpin Sergei Mikhailovich (Mikhalkov) dispatches Sergei (Alexei Panin) and his brother Simon (Dmitry Dyuzhev), the brains and brawn respectively, to exchange a briefcase of money for heroin at the offices of a lawyer: But Stepan has already hired a trio of other gangsters--Koron (Sergei Makovetsky, sporting a haircut seemingly inspired by Moe of the Three Stooges), thuggish Bala (Anatoly Zhuravlyov), and black Russian Baklazhan (Grigory Slyatvinda)--to intercept the goods.
Kahlua is a primary ingredient in drinks such as a Black Russian, in which it is combined with vodka.
(The story is geared primarily toward younger readers, but it packs a punch comparable to Black Thunder, Arna Bontemps's excellent 1936 novel about the Gabriel Prosser insurrection.) Killens's last published novel, Great Black Russian, imagines the life of Alexander Pushkin, who was a contemporary of Vesey on the world scene, but the crucial action and drama in the novel unfold in the decade or so following Vesey's death.
One of the hunters spotted a large, black Russian boar/feral hog crossbreed trotting down the dirt trail, and took several shots at it with a Ruger Blackhawk .45.
To woo status-conscious smokers, Gallaher has been promoting its high-priced gold-tipped cigarettes, the Sobranie Black Russian which retail for 80 to 85 roubles (US$2.52 to US$2.68 or Euro 2.35 to Euro 2.50).