Black Rain

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Precipitation colored by soot, poorly burned petroleum products, and/or industrial pollutants
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As a solo artist he has of late been extensively touring the UK and Europe with Black Rain - the album he released last year.
As such, the elevations will be a mixture of two colour types of brick and will also incorporate white coloured soffits and fascias together with black rain water goods.
Others perhaps not: Black Rain Ordnance, whose logo is the biohazard symbol, and tagline is "Let It Rain".
CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON Show attendees look at an M2-QCB 50cal gun, right, and Black Rain Ordnance rifles, below
Karim explains: 'In Iraq during the US invasion black rain actually fell because the raindrops mixed with smoke from the bombing and the smoke from the fires Saddam had lit to cover the Baghdad sky with smoke to obscure the view for the US air attack.
I worked with the HEXMAG during the Black Rain Ordnance Scout test in the April issue and experienced no magazine or feeding problems.
You may know him from his last movie role, as the yakuza gangster Sato in Ridley Scott's Black Rain (1989).
For instance, co-editor Nancy Kang's opening chapter analyzes social difference and race in American Gangster (2007), Black Rain (1989), and Body of Lies (2008).
the City of Sanford, Central Florida Regional Hospital, Black Rain Partners, and the Orlando-Sanford International Airport and is open to the public.
The attacker is described as a white man with a "reddish nose," who was wearing a black rain jacket over a green sweatshirt and jeans with a hole in one of the knees.
Goblins blow fountains of smoke, working with black rain clouds to keep out the light.
He had short brown hair and was wearing a black rain jacket and grey tracksuit bottoms.