Black Quarter

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Veterinary medicine An often lethal disease of young calves and sheep, characterised by a settling of gelatinous matter in the extremities and neck caused by Clostridium chauvoei, the spores of which can live in the soil for years and which are ingested and enter the blood via defects in the gastrointestinal mucosa
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Although it has been reported in the literature that treatment is not effective in black quarter, in this study 76.2% treated animals survived owing to intensive therapeutic management of shock in the initial stage and long term treatment of muscle sloughs.
The findings of the study indicate that PCR can be best employed for diagnosis of Black quarter using Ccta gene .
Also, characterization of Ccta gene of Clostridium is helpful in epidemiological studies and designing effective vaccine and protective immunity against Black quarter in Deoni cattle and Marathwadi buffaloes.
Successful treatment of black quarter in a crossbred cow.
60 animals suffering from black quarter were randomly selected from various villages.
An active surveillance was conducted and epidemiology and economic losses of black quarter disease in cattle and buffaloes in District Dera Ismail Khan were estimated (Blood and Rodostits, 1989).
The survey revealed that 15.91% losses were due to morbidity and 84.09% losses occurred due to mortality caused by black quarter in cattle and buffaloes.
Table 3: Economic losses due to black quarter in buffaloes
A spokesman for local herders, Mr Abdulkadir Gobu, said they have suffered huge losses since the black quarter disease outbreak in early December 2017."I have personally lost more than five animals from what we suspected to be anthrax.
Dr Kinywa admitted that there is an acute shortage of vaccines.There were reports that the country had run out of anthrax and black quarter vaccines.