Black Pill

A regionally popular term for an opium pill
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As well as the classical Black Pill range they also have many formulas available in tablet and capsules and a range of herbal granules, liquids and plasters.
Swansea has Black pill Lido situated between Mumbles and the city itself, but this is essentially a children's paddling pool rather than an outdoor swimming pool.
Wearing a black pill box hat and veil, and black velvet traveling clothes, Paulina seemed like an older and wiser Hermione--an effect emphasized by having both actresses wearing exceptionally natural looking auburn wigs of the same hue.
The funeral of former Wales striker Trevor Ford will be held at Clyne Chapel, Black Pill, Swansea on Thursday at 12.
But Midge, presenting her own case in pearls, scarlet scarf and black pill box hat with veil and feather, told the two London judges: "That is the type of person who is going to be judging me.
The crash, involving two cars, happened on the westbound carriageway of Mumbles Road in Black Pill, just before 1.
SIR - Eighteen months ago I told Andrew Davies AM, Welsh Assembly Energy Minister, in a friendly conversation at Black Pill, Swansea, that wind power is ineffective against global warming.
Abdul Miah of the Mumbai Restaurant, in Black Pill, Swansea, has only owned his vehicle for one day but already says the public is taking an interest.
Awareness of the participants regarding OCPs was analyzed by asking the following questions: (1) Aware about the type of pill used, (2) Correct method of its use, (3) Able to enumerate at least two health benefits of pills other than family planning, (4) Able to describe the changes in menstrual bleeding pattern because of pill use, (5) Able to enumerate at least two of the side effects of pill use, (6) Knows what to do if she misses a pill, (7) Knows what to do if she misses two or more pills, (8) Knows the importance of seven black pills or withdrawal period of 7 days, (9) Contraindications of pills use, and (10) Knows at least two other modern methods of contraception.
They asked me to pay them sums to buy things they claimed they would use as sacrifices in their witchcraft including red mercury, some black pills and other materials.
NEWHALL -- Black pills, yellow pills, pink, blue and gray.