Black Medicine

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One of 2 cancer medicines promoted in the 1950s by Harvey Hoxsey which consist of lactated pepsin and potassium iodide; the FDA regards them as ineffective
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The EP finishes with Black Medicine, which incorporates all musical elements from previous songs.
The 27-year-old Udarbe, meanwhile, was arrested Monday night when a .40-caliber bullet was found in a black medicine pouch inside his backpack.
@macfarlanee: Miss Black Medicine, best coffee shop in Edinburgh.
"Black medicine. It came in a jar and had the consistency of Vaseline petroleum jelly," Edna regales us with another colorful story.
"Whenever we heard Apo Lakay say 'get the black medicine' we used to run away from him and hide!
The colors of the medicines are imithi emnyama (black medicine), imithi ebomvu (red medicine) and imithi emhlophe (white medicine).
Di and her husband Roger Moore - who runs the Black Medicine coffee chain - persuaded JK to move from Portugal to Edinburgh after the break-up of her first marriage in 1993.
Sambadu represents "black medicine," a medicine based on superstition, that can only be guided toward positivism and rationality through the colonizing process.
On the left-hand page, we have a scene from the souk for black medicine, with a veiled woman in the background presumably shopping for magic ingredients; on the right-hand page, we see a bewildered-looking Jane Bowles slouching in a horse-drawn carriage with her bad right leg elevated, staring impassively into the camera.
Even as a curative (coffee was originally sold at apothecary shops in Europe) the hot black medicine could be hard to swallow.
BLACK MEDICINE is an inspired name for a coffee house.