Black Medicine

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One of 2 cancer medicines promoted in the 1950s by Harvey Hoxsey which consist of lactated pepsin and potassium iodide; the FDA regards them as ineffective
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40-caliber bullet was found in a black medicine pouch inside his backpack.
macfarlanee: Miss Black Medicine, best coffee shop in Edinburgh.
Insizi--Powdered herbs, roots or animal medicine that is always used as a black medicine to pull out an illness.
Intelezi--A liquid medicine used as a white medicine to render free from imperfections often after sickness is taken out with a red or black medicine.
Di and her husband Roger Moore - who runs the Black Medicine coffee chain - persuaded JK to move from Portugal to Edinburgh after the break-up of her first marriage in 1993.
On the left-hand page, we have a scene from the souk for black medicine, with a veiled woman in the background presumably shopping for magic ingredients; on the right-hand page, we see a bewildered-looking Jane Bowles slouching in a horse-drawn carriage with her bad right leg elevated, staring impassively into the camera.
Even as a curative (coffee was originally sold at apothecary shops in Europe) the hot black medicine could be hard to swallow.
BLACK MEDICINE is an inspired name for a coffee house.