Black Meat

Drug slang Regional drug slang for highly potent marijuana
Nutrition Game meat, which some regard as a separate category of meat altogether; it is named after the French viandes noires
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The black meat cleaver, ski mask, gloves and two crowbars were found by officers after stopping a vehicle in Telford that had been cloned.
The Sibut Tang soup was his homage to his roots; it had native chicken instead of black meat, and pickled mustard instead of the traditional heavy salted mustard.
In particular, the GPx activities in the Yeonsan ogye and Hyunin black meat were lower than in the Pekin duck, Woorimatdak and White Leghorn, but were similar to the broiler.
"That's why a lot of butchers like Belgium Blues because they have a good meat-to-bone ratio," he said, adding hastily: "But I'd put my Welsh Black meat against others in a taste test any day."
"I don't think they'd ever had black meat," Loretta Devine said of the bugs.
Ana, Carles police chief, said the pupils complained of stomach ache, diarrhea and dizziness a few hours after they ate hamonado and a black meat.