Black Ice

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A dangerous road hazard consisting of ice on a street or roadway that forms a thin film just below the asphalt or macadam which makes it difficult for drivers to see and for vehicles to stop, resulting in RTAs/MVAs
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6) Removal of snow and slush and the elimination of black ice, (for sprinkling use sand) from the stairs with a total area of ?
A South Wales Fire Service spokeswoman said the driver was not believed to be injured and said both accidents on the A470 were due to black ice.
Black Ice Software continues to work towards its' mission of leading the document conversion technology sector by developing cutting-edge applications for businesses to operate more efficiently.
Black ice may be to blame after a motorist died following a head-on collision between two cars in Bewdley, Worcestershire, just after 9am.
At the head of the Diamond class for 2007 is their Black Ice model.
Black ice was blamed for a Thursday evening accident in which a car driven by 56-year-old Myung Ja Chung of Eugene crashed into a freight truck that had jackknifed, blocking both southbound lanes of Interstate 5 about 20 miles south of Cottage Grove.
If you're a serious outdoorsman you need a flashlight built to withstand all the abuse a fickle Mother Nature can dish out, and the new Black Ice sport lights from Browning are clearly up to the task.
London was among the hardest hit on a day billed as black ice Friday for the South East.
Chris Stagg, who has joined the team from Diageo where he was involved in a number of major brand launches, including the re-launch of Guinness Draught in a can in September 2004 and the launch of Smirnoff Black Ice and Bailey's Glide, is one.
Sheriff's officials say Antelope Valley motorists should slow down and watch in early mornings for what appears to be water on the road because it could be black ice.
Nevertheless, black ice is relatively rare in the United Kingdom but is often an excuse used by drivers who are following the vehicle ahead much too closely.
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