Black Ice

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A dangerous road hazard consisting of ice on a street or roadway that forms a thin film just below the asphalt or macadam which makes it difficult for drivers to see and for vehicles to stop, resulting in RTAs/MVAs
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You wouldn't be prepared going oh out thinking it was there but there may have been black ice.
A woman driving a 2004 Ford Explorer hit black ice on Still River Road, heading toward Bolton Orchards, Alfano said.
They blamed the black ice on a sudden rainfall on an elevated part of the M74 which froze as temperatures dropped.
Black Ice Software continues to work towards its' mission of leading the document conversion technology sector by developing cutting-edge applications for businesses to operate more efficiently.
So, if the conditions are cold, the road appears to be wet but you don't see any spray it could well be a patch of black ice.
The fire services said there was black ice on the road which may have caused the accident.
According to the suit, Essilor's "assigned licensee key" was used to activate the Black Ice software from 1,172 different Internet protocol addresses.
Had the road been gritted there would have been no frost covering the A1 and, as there would be no frost on the surface, there would be no black ice the following morning.
Black Ice by Matou Ingredients: 20ml black Sambuca, 125ml Champagne or sparkling wine, fresh winter berries Method: Chill a Champagne flute.
The accident happened shortly after 6am just off the M80 at Crowwood, near Muirhead, as plummeting temperatures caused black ice across Lanarkshire.
In February, representatives of Paulaner HP USA teamed-up on the ice with New Hampshire Distributors for the 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament.
BLACK ICE BOSS dipped under the 24-second barrier when setting the standard in the heats of the Coral On TV Standard at Romford on Monday, but connections' joy was short-lived as he was found to be lame after, writes Tony Bullen.