Black Ice

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A dangerous road hazard consisting of ice on a street or roadway that forms a thin film just below the asphalt or macadam which makes it difficult for drivers to see and for vehicles to stop, resulting in RTAs/MVAs
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Since 2009, the brothers have played AC/DC classics with Black Ice, featuring Mike's son's Ash Robertson on bass, Ell Robertson on drums and family friend Ian Mclean on rhythm guitar.
A spokesman said: "If the road looks polished or glossy it could be black ice, one of winter's worst hazards.
It is thought he skidded on black ice before hitting a tree.
Overnight rain froze creating black ice on many side roads and footpaths, making conditions "treacherous".
But yesterday as parents got on with the school run and commuters travelled to work, many were caught out as overnight rain froze creating black ice on many side roads and footpaths.
Mum-of-three Lee Mottram, 40, was drying her hair when the Avon coach skidded on black ice and ploughed through the wall in Tanworth Grove, off Millhouse Lane, Moreton.
Black Ice Boss was a sufferer when turned over at 1-2 in his eliminator, but at least he made it through and Jim Reynolds' dog is nominated as value against fastest heat winner Milldean Buster on the basis that he can tack across to the rails early from two and turn in a handy pitch.
Angus said: "It rolled off the tongue - it remindsme of radio warnings up north of black ice. It was deadly stuff."
A student nurse had to be airlifted to hospital after her four-wheel drive car hit black ice and plunged 200ft down a mountain.
Due to high levels of rain followed by plummeting temperatures, two of the most dangerous risks, black ice and aquaplaning, are seriously affecting the roads.