Black Heroin

A form of heroin from Mexico that is dark, sticky, semisolid and difficult to ‘cut’—adulterate—because of its viscid nature. It is extremely potent—purity of up to 70%—and highly addictive
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In the black community, commonly held beliefs about drug use have included perceptions that heroin use, injecting drug use, and HIV are a "white problem." This has meant that black heroin and injecting drug users tend to deny or hide these patterns of drug use--viewed as "junkie behavior"--for fear of being ostracized from other black drug using groups and the wider black community (see Perera et al., 1993).
Janet Cooke's Pulitzer was for a feature about an 8-year-old black heroin addict.
His subjects were mostly black heroin addicts incarcerated at Lexington for treatment of their narcotics habits.