Black Gold

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Regional drug slang for high-potency marijuana
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26 December 2017 - Texas, US-based workforce lodging provider Target Logistics Management, LLC has closed the asset purchase of the 208-room former Black Gold Lodging facility in Odessa, Texas, the company said.
So it's no surprise that black gold is the name the University of Cyprus and the agricultural research institute have given to their joint project to plant 40,000 carob trees whose produce they hope will rekindle commercial interest in a plant that has many nutritional and medicinal qualities.
Please stop by and visit Extraordinary Conceptions at the 37th Annual Black Gold Days Festival.
The black gold has taken many a good life, Made orphans of kids, and widow of a wife.
Black Gold Coffee Roasters' Cafe Granja La Esperanza Geisha Las Margaritas Valle Del Cauca Colombia
The shaft breathes while the leaves drop to attention, as the frozen air eats its way into the black gold lair, Welsh communities were made and paid for the pleasure of the dirty raid, Train lines appeared and sat lowly and proud waiting for the heart of the mine to grace the line, While the widowed wives battle with their lives in the midst of the children's cries, As the proud lines ripped their way through the furrow, to its destination, the docks on the morrow, The unheard screams and dreams muted out by the huffing and puffing black gold lair, Barry Docks is where the coal rests ready for its trip around the world.
These smallstock fanatics last week renamed a Keetmanshoop street, not to some obscure politicians name, but to Swakara, or as it is fondly called by southerners, the Black Gold.
21 -- Recently foundry BLACK GOLD team had participated in national level competition 'I.
BLACK GOLD FARMS IS KEEPING RED POTATOES ON THE TABLE YEAR-ROUND with its "Better with Reds" retail marketing program.
BLACK GOLD (12A) CAST: Tahar Rahim, Antonio Banderas, Mark Strong, Freida Pinto PLOT: It's the 1930s on the Arabian peninsula and two rival kingdoms agree to keep an area of no-man's land between them by using two sons as collateral.
BLACK GOLD (12A) Antonio Banderas and Mark Strong star in this oil in the Arabian desert period adventure.