Black Fever

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Rock·y Moun·tain spot·ted fe·ver

an acute infectious disease of high mortality, characterized by frontal and occipital headache, intense lumbar pain, malaise, a moderately high continuous fever, and a rash on wrists, palms, ankles, and soles from the second to the fifth day, later spreading to all parts of the body; it occurs in the spring of the year primarily in the southeastern U.S. and the Rocky Mountain region, although it is also endemic elsewhere in the U.S., in parts of Canada, in Mexico, and in South America; the pathogenic organism is Rickettsia rickettsii, transmitted by two or more tick species of the genus Dermacentor; in the U.S. it is spread by D. andersoni in the western states and D. variabilis (a dog tick) in the eastern states.
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(1) Kala azar, see there, visceral leishmaniasis
(2) Rocky Mountain spotted fever, see there
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In the 400-bed Maternity and Children's Hospital, once comparable to European hospitals, 18-month-old meningitis victim Rua Zal sleeps next to kids with typhoid and black fever.
New Delhi/ Thiruvananthapuram, Jul 15 (ANI): Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) after decades of research has successfully developed a breakthrough technology to fight away deadly mosquitoes which transmits diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunia, Yellow fever, Black Fever, Elephantiasis, etc.
"We work in a group researching a disease called 'Kala Azar' (Hindi for Black Fever), hence the name Super kalazarbanana.
Two of the artists, Ektor Diaz and Rod Dillon, work in a group researching a disease called Kala Azar, Hindi for Black Fever, hence their name for their statue - Super' kalazar' banana.