Black Dust

Regional drug slang for pulverised PCP
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There were dead bees, drones, sweepings, and stale combs, and wings of marauding moths that had strayed in after honey, all tumbled in smooth piles of the finest black dust.
If you notice a fine black dust around your clutch, this is normal wear -- look for damage to the actual clutch itself -- any cuts or frictional scars mean the clutch needs replacement.
The worst part not to mention the long drop to the ground was the swirling black dust by which they had to mask their faces as they pushed away the blocks of stone.
The vacuum cleaner bag is full of black dust, which I have to empty after each use and I need to dust every day.
And not a trace of black dust beneath those neat pink fingernails.
With the passage of time, the ruins of homes, theatre, main market of the city and some of agricultural lands have been covered by black dust.
We knocked out old plaster until the black dust stained our skin.
BLACK dust is still falling on homes near Port Talbot's steelworks - three weeks after owner Tata told Wales on Sunday it was determined to get to the bottom of the problem.
Black dust absented, rivers run clear again, grass covers residue tips, the land's deep incisions are effectively healed, consigned to history
It allowed the company to cut inventory by 90%, while preventing carbon black dust from contaminating the plant environment.