Black Dust

Regional drug slang for pulverised PCP
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There were dead bees, drones, sweepings, and stale combs, and wings of marauding moths that had strayed in after honey, all tumbled in smooth piles of the finest black dust.
The street itself, on a steep hill leading towards the village of Hafodyrynys, sees home-owners reporting walls and windows covered with a black dust that will never be completely removed.
My wife's cousin said there is a thin layer of black dust on furniture at home every day due to pollution.
A fine black dust around your clutch is normal wear but you need to look for actual damage to the clutch itself.
The appraiser then accounted for the nuisance depreciation, estimating a reduction in property value by 35%--40%, and a further reduction of 15% for the trespass by black dust.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Hexagon Shaped Fibre Dustbins Glass Model Frp Polyester Resin,Height:26 660Mm And 2Mm Thickness, Weight 6Kgs Approx With Diagonal Of 20 520Mm On Top And 11 280Mm At Bottom With Cover On Top Two Side Handle On The Body Colour:Bus Green-270Nos,Black-548Nos Duly Stickering As Bio Degradable Waste On Green Dust Bins And Non Bio Degradable Wast On Black Dust Bins In Book Antiqua With Front Of 24, Scrly Wording Sticker In Book Antiqua With 12 Font To Be Pasted On Each Dust Bin Specification And Photo Graph Of Black And Green Dust Bin Is Attached
Families living near a private cement factory in Alexandria's district of Wady Al-Qamar posted pictures on Monday of black dust covering their roofs and other pictures of sacks containing grinded coal, attributing the black dust to emissions coming from the cement factory.
Lawrence wrote: "There followed a terrific roar and the line vanished behind a column of black dust and smoke.
Ever since humans first started mining coal nearly 5,000 years ago in Bronze Age China, (9) those who worked in the mines breathed in the black dust that, over time, destroyed their lungs.
If you notice a fine black dust around your clutch, this is normal wear -- look for damage to the actual clutch itself -- any cuts or frictional scars mean the clutch needs replacement.
The problem is that Curtis Bay already hosts a 200-acre coal pier that produces black dust that collects on local streets and drifts inside windows, a fertilizer plant reeking of fresh manure, one of the nation's largest medical waste incinerators, chemical plants, fuel depots, and an open-air composting site.