Black Dot

An early transillumination finding in the scrotum in patients with torsion of the testicular appendix—a normal persistent embryologic remnant; the black dot may be seen before major edema appears
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References in classic literature ?
All that could be seen of him was a very small black dot moving swiftly on the blue surface of the water, a little black dot which now and then lifted a leg or an arm in the air.
Look'd one black dot against the verge of dawn, And on the mere the wailing died away."
Far away, a black dot, we could see a vehicle moving in our direction.
Toward evening of the second day they reached a sandy plain where walking was difficult; but some distance before them they saw a group of palm trees, with many curious black dots under them; so they trudged bravely on to reach that place by dark and spend the night under the shelter of the trees.
The black dots grew larger as they advanced and although the light was dim Dorothy thought they looked like big kettles turned upside down.
She had added three rows of white braid and large white pearl buttons to her gray jacket, in order to make it a little more "dressy." Her gray felt hat had a white feather on it, and a white tissue veil with large black dots made her delicate skin look brilliant.
He had a large watchchain, and strong black dots where his beard and whiskers would have been if he had let them.
Then I seemed to see a row of black dots appear along that ridge -- human heads?
A word about the advantage of using the 3M matte-black, self-adhering dots: These appliques are sold in packages that contain 10 1-inch, five 2-inch, and two 3-inch dots and are marketed under the name "Black Dot Infra-Spot Checks." The 1- and 2-inch dots are ideal for any flat surface inside temperature-holding equipment or on the exterior of food bins, pots, and hotel pans.
He recalled that a minister in his elementary school once took a large white sheet with a black dot in the middle, draped it over the blackboard and asked the class: "What do you see?"
Traditionally the 12th station bears an image of Christ hanging from the cross; Brown's pastel portrays Christ's death with four sweeping black lines that frame a single black dot.
In PET recycling, clear sheet for thermoformed packaging is the most demanding application, since a speck of PVC in sheet chars with the higher heat of forming PET and makes a black dot. Clear blown bottles are equally demanding.