Black Cadillacs

Regional drug slang for amphetamines in black capsules
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"Two Black Cadillacs"is the name of a ACM Award-nominated song released in late 2012 by country singer Carrie Underwood.
Past performers have included The Strumbellas, NEEDTOBREATHE, The Black Cadillacs and Valerie June.
Underwood delivered the deliciously dark and depraved murder opus, "Two Black Cadillacs," while what looked like the coolest, cruelest car commercial ever unfolded on the humongous video screen behind her.
Now that it has been dug out of the vault, film-feted and put into distribution, it sits in the theater like some cinematic time machine, ready to transport you back to a New York City of go-go bars and bubble hairdos, long black Cadillacs and radical chic.