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The classical field-to-TL coupling theory (Taylor model) is used to get the response of a microstrip line illuminated by electromagnetic wave, while nonlinear components or devices are modeled by large-signal scattering parameters which are based on the black box model in frequency-domain.
Both the open box model and black box model produce acceptable results as validated against ten different sets of experimental data for a rack populated by four 10 U server simulators.
For the modelling discussed in this paper, we find that the necrosis mechanism can be modelled well by the first principle approach, while the apoptosis mechanism has been modelled better by the black box model.
Similar to the multi-linear regression model, a sensitivity analysis was conducted for the black box model with the sensitivity derivative defined as [delta] (output)/[delta] (parameter).
The procedure is basically the same as with the black box models with the difference that with gray box models, a special model approach (see Eq.
The opaqueness of black box models is often an intentional feature of such models.
In purpose of the comparison of the model coefficients directly to the controlling components of the extinguisher the approach of black box models, as neural nets or maps of force--situation is issued in favor of so called models of white box that offers the approach in the physicality of the extinguisher.