Black Birds

Regional drug slang for amphetamines in black capsules
References in classic literature ?
Save for the big mound of greyish-blue powder in one corner, certain bars of aluminium in another, the black birds, and the skeletons of the killed, the place was merely an empty circular pit in the sand.
You know, when Australia went 'all white,' the Queensland plantations had to send all the black birds back.
wondered a big black bird perched in the top of the tallest tree.
Pests include, but are not limited to, the following: roaches, cockroaches, silverfish, ants, fleas, rodents (mice and/or rats) crickets, millipedes, and centipedes, flies (all types), black birds, bats, squirrels, chipmunks, possums, raccoons, etc.
Two black birds, each with claw-like hands, dig into her inner thighs.
If you see five or six black birds together, more than likely they are crows.
Although the celebrity gossip website hasn't been able to verify the images as authentic, the woman in the photos supposedly has the same tattoos as Lovato including "12 black birds on her right forearm.
The black birds, which seem to be everywhere, mate for life, can survive nearly two decades in the wild and collaborate in extended family groups to rear their young.
The wonderful, witty, detailed illustrations bring a new life to the capers of the cat and the fiddle, incy wincy spider, four and twenty black birds and more as they get up to their old antics.
Accustomed to the deaths, people watched the black birds flying high and, in a flash, dropping dead in gardens, grounds and farms.
The cormorants are the most appealing to watch because of the very real like jet sound that these fat black birds make.
Given a quiet corner in the garden to spread out to its maximum of 3 metres (10'), this mound forming shrub will flower for up to three weeks at this time of year and can become an excellent nesting site for black birds.