Black Birds

Regional drug slang for amphetamines in black capsules
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Save for the big mound of greyish-blue powder in one corner, certain bars of aluminium in another, the black birds, and the skeletons of the killed, the place was merely an empty circular pit in the sand.
"You know, when Australia went 'all white,' the Queensland plantations had to send all the black birds back.
Moreover, when two birds belonging to two distinct breeds are crossed, neither of which is blue or has any of the above-specified marks, the mongrel offspring are very apt suddenly to acquire these characters; for instance, I crossed some uniformly white fantails with some uniformly black barbs, and they produced mottled brown and black birds; these I again crossed together, and one grandchild of the pure white fantail and pure black barb was of as beautiful a blue colour, with the white rump, double black wing-bar, and barred and white-edged tail-feathers, as any wild rock-pigeon!
"What's it all about?" wondered a big black bird perched in the top of the tallest tree.
Both the black birds fight over occupying the nest which each of them claims that the nest is its own property.
He said if the turkeys pitch off and fly across the river to us, the field would fill up with big black birds. If they came straight down they would go to the ridge and we would never see them.
Not to be taken lightly is the notable spike in sightings of elementals, kapres, dwendes, wandering spirits, of black birds, old ladies, and red eyes.
Some might say that ravens are therefore forbidding birds, a conclusion especially resonant among those folk who still find themselves repelled by black birds. Perhaps not surprisingly, those Norsemen, having historically been guilty of a rather rapacious approach to their overseas adventures, frequently used the raven as a symbol of victory and perhaps, of defeat too.
Two men in chain mail and armour sending two breeds of black birds into battle, one drawing blood.
Earlier, the AKIpress news agency received a number of photographs of dead crows from the locals who expressed concerns about the mass die off of black birds in the city.
Saba is expected to sing her first single, "Snow", as well as some of her popular songs; "Sweet Dreams," "Black Birds," "Young Hearts," and "Lost Girl".