Black Beauties

Regional drug slang for
(1) Biphetamine—amphetamine/dextroamphetamine capsules
(2) Any depressant or amphetamine in a black capsule
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New York, NY, December 06, 2014 --( Phenomenal Mag (, a beauty, lifestyle, and fashion through arts digital publication that is dedicated to the "Black Beauties" around the world, will launch on Monday February 20, 2012.
Phenomenal Mag's vision is to help cultivate "Black Beauties" to shape their surroundings, while becoming change agents in the process.
We have been busy testing out three of the best black beauties.
Dark Horses and Black Beauties by Melissa Holbrook Pierson is about the bond between women and horses, and the way the rest of the world views that bond.
Title: Dark Horses and Black Beauties Author: Melissa Holbrook Pierson Published by: Granta ISBN: 1-86207-485-2 Price: GBP7.99 Reviewer: Emily Duncan
In his review, Noah called us "peculiar people" and "Black beauties" who are incapable of "exercising that privilege of voting with any sort of discretion, prudence, or independence." During 1821-23, Noah used such reviews to whip up support for the defeat of the liberal voting rights plank at the New York State constitutional convention.