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A gene on chromosome 18p11.3 that encodes laminin alpha 1, an extracellular matrix (ECM) protein that mediates the attachment, migration and organisation of cells into tissues during embryonic development by interacting with other ECM components (e.g., fibulin-2, which is encoded by FBLN2).
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Although there is no mention of works dealing with the routes and rituals of the hidden lands gNam-sgo zla-gam or dKar-po ljongs, a text with the title "Route Description, a Certificate of the Real Meaning" (lam yig don byang) retrieved by Gu-ru Tshe-brtan rgyal-mtshan from Chu-mo phug is refered to in the records of the Fifth Dalai Bla-ma. The quotation from this work describes a further treasure site, located in the eastern direction of "the king of Mang-yul [Gung-thang]" (mang yul rgyal po) and near a lake known as lHa-mo srin-mtsho in the upper part of the dPal-mo thang region in southwestern Tibet.
Ngag-dbang Blo-bzang rgya-mtsho, Fifth Dalai Bla-ma (1617-1682) 'Jig rten dbang phyug thams cad mkhyen pa yon tan rgya mtsho dpal bzang po'i rnam par thar pa [nor bu'i 'phreng ba], 52 fols.
For modern descriptions of the routes leading to the "Plain of Flowers" (me tog thang), the triangular shaped monastery of the Second Dalai Bla-ma dGe-'dun rgya-mtsho (1475-1542) and the famous lake known as lHa-mo bla-mtsho, regarded as the life-supporting talisman of the incarnation lineage of the Dalai Bla-mas, see Dowman (1988:255-261), Chan (1994:634-641) and Gyurme Dorje (1996:286-287).
(2) For the main events in the life of the Second Dalai Bla-ma and the foundation of the monastry of Chos-'khor igyal in the year 1509, see Heller (2005a:43-50).
(3) The circumstances of the composition of the visionary scroll painting of lHamo bla-mtsho and its content in the context of depicting episodes from the life of the Third Dalai Bla-ma are sketched in Vitali (2001:93-97).