R., 20th-century Scandinavian dermatologist. See: Björnstad syndrome.
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“We choose ProcessPro[R] Premier ERP software because in real-world manufacturing, it provides a smooth and intuitive user interface, and a turn-key solution to the manufacturing batch and lot traceability requirements,” says Eiger Bjornstad, VP of Manufacturing.
"Netflix is the perfect home for such a unique show." "Lilyhammer" was developed by Rubicon TV AS (creator, Anne Bjornstad & Eilif Skodvin).
Jazz Night Song Ketil Bjornstad & Svante Henryson Pianist Ketil Bjornstad relates how the roots of this album are to be found in a school gym where as a 14-year-old he would play Schubert in the dark.
Drawing on his talents as both an author and a musician, Ketil Bjornstad's newest novel portrays the creative process through the eyes of a young character.
Randi Bjornstad, president of the Eugene Newspaper Guild, said the union voted to accept the furloughs, but with the provision that staffers willing to take an extra unpaid week off be allowed to do so in place of others.
Tandberg chief Allan Bjornstad travelled from Olso, Norway, to officially launch the centre of excellence at a special open day at Direct Visual's headquarters.
Shop manager Royce Bjornstad said about 200 retailers in the United States and Japan carry its products.
The title of veteran pianist Ketil Bjornstad's recent album, Floating, gives a strong sense of his music's ethereal nature.
Tonight at CBSO, one of Norway's most celebrated musicians Ketil Bjornstad will be in concert.
Henrik Bjornstad could surprise more experienced rivals at 7-2 in Ladbrokes' Group D after starting his year so well.
TMGI bases its forecast on its order book from Tier 1 suppliers, says Petter Wessel Bjornstad, CEO of TMGI.