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Plural of porus.
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(pō′rŭs) plural.pori [L.]
A meatus or foramen; a tiny aperture in a structure; a pore.

porus acusticus externus

The outer opening of the external acoustic meatus.

porus acusticus, internal

The opening of the internal acoustic meatus into the cranial cavity.

porus gustatorius

The small taste pore openings in the taste buds of the tongue.

porus lactiferus

The opening of a lactiferous duct on the tip of the nipple of the mammary gland.

porus opticus

The opening in the center of the optic disk through which retinal vessels (central artery and vein) reach the retina through the lamina cribrosa of the sclera.

porus sudoriferus

The opening of a sweat gland.
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"Scana Steel Bjorneborg has a long history as a supplier to Rolls-Royce and with this contract Scana and Rolls-Royce strengthen the connection and cooperation between the companies," Scana Industrier said.
The SEK56m order further strengthens the cooperation between Scana Steel Bjorneborg and Becker Marine Systems, a leading supplier of rudders for the shipbuilding industry.
The contract, valued at approximately SEK70m, covers forged and heat treated tool steel bars, and Scana Steel Bjorneborg will supply both classical plastic mould steels and a new developed steel for plastic mould applications.
Scana Steel Bjorneborg will acquire the shares from Nymot AB for a consideration of SEK5.1m.
Scana Steel Bjorneborg has also received a SEK10m contract for forged windmill shafts from Scan Wind in Sweden.
The Norwegian industrial group Scana Industrier ASA said on Monday (19 September) that its Swedish subsidiary Scana Steel Bjorneborg AB had received a letter of intent for a SEK30m order for the Kokeh project in Malaysia.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-8 March 2005-Scana Steel Bjorneborg AB secures SEK20m shaft systems order from ABB Zamech(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-10 November 2004-Scana Industrier Bjorneborg AB wins new contracts worth SEK41m(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
Norwegian industrial group Scana Industrier ASA said on Wednesday (14 January) that its Finnish subsidiary Scana Steel i Bjorneborg AB would reduce its number of employees from the current 275 by 25.