Jannik P., Danish ophthalmologist, 1851-1920. See: Bjerrum scotoma, Bjerrum screen, Bjerrum sign.
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Various field defects can be documented, for example a nasal step of Ronne, a temporal nerve fibre defect, a Bjerrum arcuate scotoma or a Seidel scotoma.
CP Kelco, as now re-confirmed by the US government, has always believed in the safety, function and acceptance of carrageenan for use in food, beverages, toothpastes, pet foods, other applications; and 150 years of safe use as a food additive," said Klaus Bjerrum, carrageenan product category director for CP Kelco.
In a recent study examining the effects of training nurse practitioners to standardize and implement nutritional guidelines in a hospital setting, Pedersen, Tewes, and Bjerrum (2012) found that the training program increased patients' knowledge in selecting healthy foods and improved patients' communication skills, and patients were more likely to receive relevant eating assistance and be served food they wanted and could chew.
Alternately, the visual field can be mapped by tangent screen perimetry, such as the Bjerrum tangent screen.
Vaccheri A, Bjerrum L, Resi D, Bergman U, Montanaro N.
For More Information Please Contact: Monica Klepp Bjerrum Director of Communications
Um levantamento mais completo dos danos causados por recalques diferenciais foi feito Bjerrum (1963) e complementado posteriormente por Vargas e Silva (1973), apos a observacao de edificios altos nas cidades de Sao Paulo e Santos, Estado de Sao Paulo, conforme ilustra a Figura 2.
2] where the authors investigated the stability constants of acrylic acid based cuprates complexes by adopting the method of Bjerrum [3].
Our new technology holds great potential," said DPS chief executive officer Niels Bjerrum.
According to Klaus Bjerrum, Category Director - Pectin and Carrageenan, "This investment enables CP Kelco to continue meeting the growing demand of our customers for GENU LMA pectin, and although it's not a full expansion it does prepare CP Kelco for future expansion and investment opportunities.