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Plural of porus.
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(pō′rŭs) plural.pori [L.]
A meatus or foramen; a tiny aperture in a structure; a pore.

porus acusticus externus

The outer opening of the external acoustic meatus.

porus acusticus, internal

The opening of the internal acoustic meatus into the cranial cavity.

porus gustatorius

The small taste pore openings in the taste buds of the tongue.

porus lactiferus

The opening of a lactiferous duct on the tip of the nipple of the mammary gland.

porus opticus

The opening in the center of the optic disk through which retinal vessels (central artery and vein) reach the retina through the lamina cribrosa of the sclera.

porus sudoriferus

The opening of a sweat gland.
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