Giulio, Italian physician, 1846-1901. See: Bizzozero corpuscle.
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Marco Bizzozero is leaving the firm to pursue other opportunities, the bank said.
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As Bernal-Meza and Bizzozero point out (2014), Brazil went from regional to the world by building an emerging power of global reach and involvement.
The first observation of bacteria in the stomach of dogs was made in 1893 by an Italian, Bizzozero, (3) who presented his findings to the Royal Academy of Medicine of Turin.
Nearly hundred years ago a well known anatomist, Bizzozero, reported that the spirochetes inhibit the gastric glands and the canaliculated of the parietal cells.
To date, companies have replaced millions of pounds of toxic chemicals with safer substances, and increased the efficiency with which they use chemicals, according to Rich Bizzozero, director of the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology at the state Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.
Also, other scholars such as Grandi and Bizzozero stressed the need for a greater participation of social actors (Grandi and Bizzozero 1997).
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La evolucion del bloque regional en los ultimos anos exhibe un cambio en los temas de la agenda regional, la generacion de nuevas instancias institucionales, de fondos regionales (estructurales y sectoriales), el apoyo a la pequena y mediana empresa y el enfasis en proyectos de articulacion productiva y en innovacion en ciencia y tecnologia (Briceno Ruiz, 2011; Bizzozero, 2012).