Giulio, Italian physician, 1846-1901. See: Bizzozero corpuscle.
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This period is characterized by reaffirmation of the state's relevance, and by focusing the integration agenda on political and social aims, instead of free trade and foreign investment (Veiga and Rios 2006; Sanahuja 2009; Bizzozero 2011; Bernal-Meza 2013; Briceno Ruiz and Morales 2017).
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Despite the well documented risks associated with IT, the tanning industry remains a lucrative multi-billion-dollar industry and is continuing to grow (Bizzozero, 2009); public health experts surmise that much of the popularity can be attributed to advertising techniques mirroring those of the tobacco industry (Holman et al., 2013; Sinclair & Makin, 2013).
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Marco Bizzozero is leaving the firm to pursue other opportunities, the bank said.
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The first observation of bacteria in the stomach of dogs was made in 1893 by an Italian, Bizzozero, (3) who presented his findings to the Royal Academy of Medicine of Turin.
Nearly hundred years ago a well known anatomist, Bizzozero, reported that the spirochetes inhibit the gastric glands and the canaliculated of the parietal cells.