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A monomethyl ester of a 24-carbon branched unsaturated dicarboxylic acid; a carotenoid (a carotene-dioic acid); the orange-red coloring matter from seeds of Bixa orellana; the ethyl ester is used as a food and drug colorant.
See also: annotto.
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In this respect, the aim of this study was to dry annatto seed powder in the sun, with and without the oil layer, resulting from bixin extraction, to fit different mathematical models to experimental data and to calculate effective moisture diffusivity of the samples.
These seeds were impregnated with soybean oil and pigment residue, waste products from the bixin extraction.
For obtaining powders, annatto seeds were processed in two ways: in the first, seeds were preserved with the oil layer remaining from the bixin extraction, and in the second, the oil layer was removed by washings with water and neutral detergent.
Improvement of bixin extraction yield and extraction quality from annatto seed by modification and combination of different extraction methods.