Alexander, German physician, 1876-1949. See: Bittorf reaction.
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Lindsey Bittorf happened upon a Facebook post by Kristi Goll in Janesville, Wisconsin, about her son, Jackson, in which Goll pleads for potential kidney donors.
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After 16 years of service to Porter County PACT, Kellie Bittorf began her current position as executive director at Lake County Community Corrections in 2007.
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1 episode of CBS's "Undercover Boss," Chief Brand Officer of the casual dining restaurant, Sara Bittorf, posed as a waitress in order to get a feel for the goings on, on the ground level.
In the present study, a resolution of 1296 x 864 was used, which fully satisfies the minimum (768x512) defined by Bittorf et al.
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Bittorf is the president of the Indiana Criminal Justice Association, and executive director of Lake County Community Corrections.