Pierre A., French physician, 1822-1888. See: Bitot spots.
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'Vitamin 'A' effectively prevents mal-nutritional blindness, especially night blindness, bitot's spots and corneal lesions," he said and discussed the importance for continuation of Vitamin A supplementation for the under-five babies.
The 19th Annual Bitot Hospital Golf Classic raised over $191000 last month.
In this study, the leading morbidities observed that 35.5% of the children were having skin problems (scabies, hypopigmented patches over the face, rashes, and infectious wounds), 28.3% were having dental problems (dental caries, fluorosis), 12.9% were having scalp problems (dandruff, pediculosis), 11.6% were having ear problems (wax, ear discharge), 5.7% were having upper respiratory problems (DNS, polyp, congestion), 3.9% were having eye problems (refractive error, bitot spots), and 2.3% were having other problems (pain abdomen, dysmenorrhea) (Table 2).
There were 4 (3.88%) cases of xerophthalmia showing signs of conjunctival xerosis X1A and Bitot's spots X1B (2 patients each).
Regarding clinical signs of nutritional deficiencies, nine variables were evaluated: nail aspects (normal or altered), hair (normal, dry, brittle or exhibiting loss) and skin (dry, rough, spotty or rash), palmar pallor and internal mucosa of the eyes, presence of edema in lower limbs, abdominal distension, wound in corner of mouth and Bitot's spots.
(58) Pierre Iselin, '"What Shall I Swear By?": Rhetoric and Attitudes to Language in Romeo and Juliet', Michel Bitot (ed.), Divers Toyes Mengled: Essays on Medieval and Renaissance Culture (Tours, 1996), 264.
Igorot cultural worker Ventura Bitot talked about Cordillera mythology, specifically about Lumawig, the son of the Cordilleran principal god Kabunyan, who came down to earth with a mission from his fatherto teach the people how to live in prosperity, and to the stop the tribal wars.
Vitamin A deficiency was found to be a public health problem in the country according to WHO criteria with Xerophthalmia diagnosed in 5.38% of the children, 2.52% had night blindness, 1.74% had corneal scars, 1.04% had Bitot's spots, and 0.26% had corneal xerosis [8].