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1. The smallest unit of digital information expressed in the binary system of notation (either 0 or 1).
2. The electrical signal used in electronic computers.
Synonym(s): binary digit
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A gene on chromosome 20p13 that encodes a ubiquitous immunoglobulin-like cell surface receptor for CD47 that acts as a docking protein and induces translocation of PTPN6, PTPN11 and other binding partners from the cytosol to the plasma membrane. SIRPA supports adhesion of cerebellar neurons, neurite outgrowth and glial cell attachment, and may play a key role in intracellular signalling during synaptogenesis and in synaptic function. It downregulates receptor tyrosine kinase-coupled cellular responses induced by cell adhesion, growth factors and insulin; it also downregulates phagocytosis, mast cell activation and dendritic cell activation. CD47 binding prevents maturation of immature dendritic cells and inhibits cytokine production by mature dendritic cells. It is highly expressed in the brain.
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Abbreviation for behavioral inattention test.
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Q. Don’t you feel a bit insincere? I work as a nurse in the ER, and last night a well-known alternative “healer” came to the ER with complaints of bellyache (which turned out to be kidney stones). Now I wouldn’t mind that, except that this healer always speaks against using painkillers and claims that doctors don’t treat the person as a whole like he does. He has no shame to convince patients to avoid hospitals, but when it comes to his own body, he doesn’t seem to believe in his own medications. It’s so frustrating!

A. well, i'm not sure about what line of alternative healing this guy practice but from what i know - the main idea is that alternative healing is usually for preventing illnesses, and it's very good at it. it's main effort is changing way of life and restoring balance. but it will never compare to western medicine on emergency treatments. it's wise to avoid taking pain killers - but it's wiser to take them if you really need it. today people in the U.S take medicines like they were candy and every medicine has side effects.
my brother is an MD and studied Chinese medicine - he practice both and there is a great advantage in using both to complete the therapy.

Q. if a bee bit me and i am allergic , what would happen to me , and what is the best treatment?

A. It depends on your previous exposure and response to the bee sting, but it may result in a severe, life threatening response called anaphylaxis. It includes intense itching and rash, runny nose and mouth, abdominal cramps, vomiting, but the life threatening responses are the closure of the throat and airways and collapse of the heart. It's treated with adrenalin and other medications.

It can be prevented first by avoiding the offending agent, and also by carrying an ready to use adrenalin injector in order to treat it quickly. Also, the allergy can be ameliorated by a series of treatments called immunotherapy, in which the allergic individual is exposed to the allergen in minute amount to make him or her not sensitive any more to this allergen.

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Q. I want to understand why these differences? I'm new to this, and a bit lost... I have indication of mastectomy plus post-mastectomy radiation. I've heard of women in my situation that were prescribed chemo and that's it. No radiation and no breast removal. My doctor said this is not an option for me, but didn't explain anything, although I insisted. I want to understand why these differences? I'm new to this, and a bit lost...

A. You know I got an oncologist who explained me on these. Let me tell you. I was on my last stage of breast cancer. I did chemo followed by right modified radical mastectomy with lymph node dissection followed by radiation. I will continue to take Herceptin and Zometa for the rest of my life. You will have breast removal and then radiation which means your cancer might be at an advanced stage. Removal is done to remove the tumor and radiation to kill cells which may enter other body parts. In your case it’s entered into other body parts so they are using radiation as the best treatment for you.

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Thus, for any 32-bit seed [x.sub.0], except those representing 0,1,2,3,4, and -5, the sequence [x.sub.n] = [69070x.sub.n-1] mod [2.sup.32] - 5 will have period [2.sup.32] - 6 and will produce random signed integers if it is implemented in a system that interprets integer bit patterns as least-absolute residues of [2.sup.32] and reduction modulo [2.sup.32] - 5 is effected by means of a machine language routine that forms b + 5t until the new t vanishes, as described.
The image was reasonably sharp, but some of the bit patterns were washed out and pieces of letters were missing.
The most widely used standard for defining the meaning of each of the possible 256 bit patterns is called ASCII (an acronym standing for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange).(2) ASCII is a special kind of code that allows us to use binary numbers to represent characters, punctuation, numbers, or even predefined graphics characters.
3.2.1 Number of Comparison-and-Shift Encoding : From Algorithm 3, bit patterns in [P.sub.1] to [P.sub.4] takes the different types of comparison-and-shift encoding.
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Longitudinal media, where the magnetization is parallel to the sample surface, include the bit patterns on a computer hard disk.
One of the leading technological candidates for extending current perpendicular magnetic recording beyond 1 Teradot per square inch (Td/[in.sup.2]) is the bit patterned media (BPM) technology, in which magnetic nanoarrays are fabricated and each "island" in the array forms a separate recording bit at a sub-25 nm length scale [1-3].
By splitting the 2.4-GHz band into 14 22-MHz channels, and using redundant bit patterns, called chips, DSSS is able to provide a form of error checking, correction and speed for the link.
It can be expanded to 2 Gsamples per channel to capture, display and measure bit patterns that are millions of bits in length.
It allows you to select as many as four different serial bit patterns to search for, providing the capability to quickly locate patterns of interest in long strings of data.
Using the ISI plot feature, we identified certain bit patterns that were causing the anomalous bulge."