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The North American bit error rate tester market is the largest, with Asia Pacfic representing the fastest growing, at a rate of 10% p/a to 2017.
Bit error rate testers (BERT) are gaining increasing prominence in telecommunication applications where protocols are required to achieve specific error rates in order to yield meaningful test results.
A new "fast eye diagram" capability for SERDES design that incorporates Bit Error Rate (BER) prediction and bathtub curves, saving time by enabling engineers to examine eye quality across millions or even billions of cycles in just a matter of minutes
BERT is an acronym for Bit Error Rate Test a well known industry metric in measuring high-speed link quality.
definition of the concepts of binary encoding, bit rate, bandwidth and bit error rate
The optical stressed signal is applied to a system and a bit error rate versus power measurement is automatically done to obtain receiver sensitivity.
Incorporated into Rambus' advanced backplane (ABP) solution, SmartDFE enables substantial performance increase in high-speed data transmission with superior bit error rate margins when compared to standard equalization methods.