bismuth subgallate

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bis·muth sub·gal·late

used internally in diarrhea and externally as an astringent and protective dusting powder.

bismuth subgallate

C7H5BiO6, a bright yellow tasteless, odorless powder. It was first used for treatment of skin diseases. General use is the same as for bismuth subnitrate.
CAS # 99-26-3
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a chemical element, atomic number 83, atomic weight 208.980, symbol Bi. See Table 6. Several insoluble salts, including the subcarbonate and subnitrate, have been used in the management of inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines. Toxic doses cause kidney damage.

bismuth glycollylarsanilate
bismuth subgallate
used topically in wound powders and in the treatment of metritis.
bismuth subsalicylate, bismuth salicylate
an insoluble salt, used orally in the treatment of diarrhea and as an antacid. There is liberation of salicylic acid which acts against prostaglandin synthetase.
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The studies concluded that the use of bismuth subgallate resulted in definite improvement in fecal odor.
Given the panel's conclusion regarding its safety, there seems to be no reason for persons with problem fecal odor to avoid a trial course of bismuth subgallate.
I know bismuth subgallate is one of the other formulations of bismuth that is available.