Bismarck brown Y

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Bis·marck brown Y

(biz'mark brown), [C.I. 21000]
A diazo dye used for staining mucin and cartilage in histologic sections, in the Papanicolaou technique for vaginal smears, and as one of Kasten Schiff-type reagents in the periodic acid-Schiff and Feulgen stains.
Synonym(s): vesuvin
[Ger. bismarckbraun, after Otto von Bismarck, Ger. chancellor]
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The exhibition's title, Bismarck Brown, comes from an old dye recipe book.
Bismarck Brown - the title comes from an old dye recipe - features the work of Julia Clegg, of Milnsbridge, who made the screenprints at Mirfield.
Her solo show, Bismarck Brown, based on the Leeds Road factory of Holliday Dyes and Chemicals, runs at the RIBA Site Gallery, Leeds, from August 25 to September 24.