Bishop score

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a rating, usually expressed numerically, based on specific achievement or the degree to which certain qualities are manifest.
APACHE score (acute physiological assessment and chronic health evaluation) a widely used method for assessing severity of illness in acutely ill patients in intensive care units, taking into account a variety of routine physiological parameters.
Apgar score a numerical expression of an infant's condition at birth, based on heart rate, respiratory effort, muscle tone, reflex irritability, and color; see also apgar score.
Bishop score a score for estimating the prospects of induction of labor, arrived at by evaluating the extent of cervical dilatation, effacement, the station of the fetal head, consistency of the cervix, and the cervical position in relation to the vaginal axis.
Silverman-Andersen score a system for evaluating the breathing of premature infants; see also Silverman-Andersen score.
stroke score any of various scoring systems that seek to characterize a patient's clinical state following a stroke.
trauma score a rating system used in the evaluation of patients with traumatic injury. Scores range from 1 to 15, with lower scores being associated with higher mortality rates.

Bishop score

system to determine the inducibility of the cervix in a pregnant patient, based on dilation, effacement, station, and cervical consistency and position.
[E. H. Bishop]

Bish·op score

(bish'ŏp skōr)
System to determine the inducibility of the cervix in a pregnant patient, based on dilation, effacement, station, and cervical consistency and position.
[E. H. Bishop]

Bishop score

A system for evaluating the potential for successful elective induction of labor. Factors assessed include fetal station, cervical position, effacement, dilation, and consistency. Each factor receives a score of 0, 1, 2, or 3, for the maximum predictive total score of 15. The lower the score, the greater the possibility that labor induction will fail.
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13) poor Bishop score and nulliparity were found to be predictors of failed induction of labour.
In addition, "bundle achiever dyads with a poor Bishop score were significantly more costly than those with a Bishop score greater than 6, particularly if delivered vaginally.
She and her coinvestigators enrolled women with a normal singleton pregnancy at term who had intact membranes and an unfavorable cervix, with a Bishop score of 5 or less.
2] gel led to no significant change in the average Bishop score.
Those measurements were compared with the corresponding modified Bishop score measurements done immediately before IOL by midwives who were blinded to the ultrasound results, Dr.
Until research can provide objective definitions and criteria for using and evaluating cerclages, it would at least be helpful if a consensus panel of experts would convene to create a semiobjective grading and scoring system for cervical incompetence along the lines of the Bishop score for cervical ripening, Dr.
Perhaps we need to be going by a favorable Bishop score or letting patients go into labor instead of trying to induce them for possibly nonmedical reasons," she said.
All of the women had an unfavorable cervix, defined as a Bishop score of 6 or less, and were randomized to one of three treatment groups, she said at the annual meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.