Bishop Michael

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, (John) Michael Born 1936.
American microbiologist who shared a 1989 Nobel Prize for his role in the discovery of oncogenes.
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Speaking at the opening of three-day workshop in the capital, Juba, on Monday, Bishop Michael Taban said the Church is seeking the input of traditional leaders on halting the more than eight-month-long conflict through dialogue.
CHAMPION OF POOR: Dickens SPECIAL GUEST: Bishop Michael Dickens Whinney with (left-right) Alice Cook (11), Chloe Shepard (18), Ajay Choli (14) and Rachel Owen (16) COSTUME DRAMA: Charles Dickens' great great-grandson Bishop Michael Dickens Whinney, with Blue Coat pupils Steve West (16), Mollie Cooper (17) Ashleigh Dickinson (18) and Rob Barrett (16)
Ajmal Masroor, spokesman for the Islamic Society of Great Britain, said the church should consider taking "serious action" against Bishop Michael.
I would love to ask Bishop Michael Sheridan and Bishop Raymond Burke if they denied Communion to the child-molesting priests.
Bishop James,Liverpool; Bishop Peter,Chester; Bishop David, Bradford; Bishop Graham,Carlisle; Bishop John,Chichester; Bishop Michael,Exeter; Bishop Michael,Rochester; Bishop George,Southwell; Bishop Michael,Winchester.
Jumping into the fray is rebel bishop Michael Cox who is vowing to sail from Kerry on his boat The Little Bishop to confront the Dutch doctors.
Tridentine Bishop Michael Cox confirmed he was lifting the religious curse he placed on TV idol Byrne for allowing "blasphemy" on his show.
The donation to Bishop Michael Cox had caused a rift in the Latin Tridentine church, with Bishop Pat Buckley saying it smacked of simony, or buying a sacred thing.
Bishop Michael Marshall, Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of London, was criticising - although he did not mention him by name - Dr Thomas Butler, Bishop of Leicester, who has since repeated his call for the Government to lift the ban.
As a part of a mutually agreed upon court settlement of a defamation of character lawsuit, blogger David Jenkins has apologized to Bishop Michael Bird of the diocese of Niagara "for any suffering he has experienced as a result of blog postings" on his blog, Anglican Samizdat.
According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman is currently reviewing a claim that Bishop Michael J.
THERE is no resisting the arguments advanced by Bishop Michael Turnbull for the return to Durham of the Lindisfarne Gospels.