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Louis F., U.S. physician, 1864-1941. See: Bishop sphygmoscope.
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Bishop made some design modifications by making it smaller for easier carrying, adding ribs for extra strength, installing better valve fittings, eliminating any exterior surface welds and reinforcing the inside lattice-work of bracing.
Empress Elizabeth sought to solve this problem by issuing a decree (ukaz) in 1754, ten years after the last Great Russian had been consecrated as a bishop, in which she ordered that the Holy Synod again consider Great Russians for vacant dioceses.
The rest of the burial party straggled up the hill and arranged themselves around the coffin, and the auxiliary bishop led them in prayer and then spoke briefly of the bishop's endless capacity for kindness and humor, his personal warmth and grace, his admirable simplicity of style and consistent clarity of purpose, and his mindfulness at all times of Christ's insistence on love as the rudder by which we steer the flawed vessels of ourselves down the tumultuous and confusing river of life.
proposal, the presiding bishop, in consultation with the Archbishop of Canterbury, would appoint a bishop as primatial vicar to serve as her designated pastor.
The Ontario Conference was headed by Bishop Richard Smith of Pembroke, who delivered the address to the Pope on September 1 on behalf of all of Ontario's bishops and eparchs.
For five years the bishop and his church had been the focus of attacks led by a defrocked Orthodox priest, Father Basil Mkalavishvili.
Bishop Sheridan's letter to 125,000 Catholics in his charge regarding the "duties of Catholic politicians and voters," intensified the debate by suggesting that Catholic voters should also refrain from taking the sacrament if they support politicians like Kerry.
Rather than covering Bishop Hovius' life in full, they present sixteen snapshots, chronologically arranged, to bring his world alive, from his battle to put the archdiocese on a firm financial footing (chap.
Bishop, 53, calls himself Antelope Valley's only full-time sidewalk astronomer.
Most outrageous of all, the Episcopal Church's relatively new presiding bishop, Frank Griswold, who has presented himself as gay-friendly, abstained on the antigay resolution and waited a week before offering up, by way of explanation, an elegantly worded--but, to me, thoroughly unconscionable and cowardly--apologia for appeasement.
On this latter issue, although a majority of Catholic children, especially lower-income Catholics, attend public schools, no cardinal or bishop is an outspoken advocate or defender of public education.
He became a bishop when he was only thirty-five, was assigned to the diocese of San Cristobal in 1960, and has been working there ever since.