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W., 20th-century German neurosurgeon. See: Bischof myelotomy.
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El concurso de Bischoffsheim sobre la organizacion de los juegos escolares.
To accomplish these herculean tasks he called "repeatedly" on his cousin Lioba, a "learned woman" who has been called Germaniae Apostola, "the woman apostle of Germany" Together they founded three monasteries in Germany and she became abbess of the large monastery of Bischoffsheim.
This radical style gained full recognition in 1926, when Frank was commissioned to decorate some of the rooms of the Hotel Bischoffsheim, the Paris townhouse where arts patrons Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles had decided to settle.
25) Some had branches in London, like the American house, Morton & Rose, and others operated in main cities on the continent, as was the case for houses like Rothschild and Stern, and also for houses of lesser reputation like Bischoffsheim and Erlangers.
E: <<El concurso Bischoffsheim sobre la organizacion de juegos escolares>>, BILE, t.
It's also possible to visit the beautifully restored train station and museum in quaint Villa Clara, a town named for Baron Hirsch's wife, Clara Bischoffsheim, who carried on her husband's philanthropic labor after he died in 1896.
htlm* Space in the education system is a symposium organised by the European Space Agency from April 3 to 5 in Bischoffsheim, France.