A regionally popular term for LSD
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BIRDHEAD: Welcome to Birdhead World Again Singapore
To protect the hand when used as a cudgel, the hammer of the knuckleduster is a smooth birdhead design.
There are a lot of portraits of Birdhead in the Birdhead works--there is a kind of presentation of self-performance, but not in the sense that they are dressing up.
Playing the T Break Stage are Atom Tree, Birdhead, Blood Relatives, Deathcats, Fat Goth, Medicine Men, Model Aeroplanes, NAKED, Scary People, Secret Motorbikes, TeenCanteen, The Moon Kids, Tisoki, Tuff Love, Vladimir and We Came From Wolves.
Until Jun 7 BirdHead: Welcome to BirdHead World Again
Edinburgh is home to three of the winning acts - Tisoki, Birdhead and Naked - while Dunfermline's The Moon Kids and Perth's We Came From Wolves make up the lucky groups.
Until Feb 26 V&P: Birdhead, Chen Xiaoyun, Geng Jianyi, Hu Jieming, Huang Kui, Jiang Pengyi, Li Ran, Liang Shaoji, Liang Yue, Lu Chunsheng, Shi Qing, Shi Yong, Sun Xun, Tang Maohong, Wang Youshen, Wang Yuyang, Xiang Liqing, Xu Zhen, Yang Fudong, Yang Zhenzhong, Zhang Ding, Zhang Qing, Zhou Tiehai, Zhu Jia, and others
They will be joined by compadres Birdhead and Dundee's The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel for the gig which, for your PS5 entry, also bags you the album.
On radar on Saturday night is TheTide Inside, Edinburgh duo Birdhead, and HIVA OA who the organisers say will leave you gobsmacked.