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The science of the relation between structure and function in organisms.
[bio- + G. statikos, causing to stand]
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Patented is an absorbent article comprising an absorbent material with a biostatic agent and an inhibitor.
In a section on biostatic clutter and signal processing they concentrate on clutter, spotlight synthetic aperture radar and adaptive moving target indication.
METHODS: Three houses with floodwater lines between 0.3 and 2 m underwent intervention, including disposal of damaged furnishings and drywall, cleaning surfaces, drying remaining structure, and treatment with a biostatic agent.
* Biostatic properties: Copper doesn't support bacterial growth.
When incorporated throughout the entire system, the biostatic effect lasts for the life of floor, and will not wash out or become inactivated over time.
Additional features include a biostatic additive that inhibits microbial growth and low fogging.
Although etridiazole is sold as a fungicide (British Crop Protection Council 1987), its biostatic effect on soil nitrifying bacteria (Rafii et al.
Instead, it uses multifunctional agents that have excellent efficacy as biostatic and fungistatic agents.
The industrial market has also begun to take advantage of the ability of various material suppliers to render their materials biocidal or biostatic for such applications as food handling gloves, wipes, etc.
According to the company, the products are the latest addition to the Spectrastat line of alternative preservatives that contain the revolutionary biostatic agent, CHA.