bioresonance (bīˈ·ō·reˑ·z·nns),

n technique in which the practitioner uses a device to analyze the patient's electromagnetic waves and alter them before returning them to the body. Used for treating headaches, skin conditions, pain, and other maladies.
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Vital Analyses based on newest bioresonance technolgy from Russian and American Space program delivering more than 220 accurate scores
Aside from homeopathy, homotoxicology (removal of toxins in the body tissues), chelation therapy (cleansing the body), oxygen therapy, neural therapy to treat chronic pain, and mesotherapy to treat rheumatism, infectious diseases and vascular diseases, Francisco's EWBHC also offers orthomolecular medicine, nutritional supplements, enzyme therapy, traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion, bioresonance therapy, live-cell analysis, antiaging therapy and skin-rejuvenation therapy.
10,11) The practice of NT is greatly enhanced by use of Bioresonance Energetic Testing (BET) based on a blending of modified Autonomic Response Testing (12) (ART) and Bioresonance Analysis of Health (BAH).
Caroline Mitchell Look at bioresonance testing as it can pick up all sorts of infections, viruses and bacteria that modern western medicine fails to detect.
23] Complementary and alternative medicine refers to the phytotherapies (Chinese herbal medicines, Japanese herbal medicines (Kampo), siddha/ayurveda, tea tree oil and essential fatty acids), homoeopathy, complementary psychotherapy (hypnosis, biofeedback, stress management), acupuncture, bioresonance treatment, balneotherapy, cleansing of the colon with enemas, massage therapy, autologous blood therapy, Reiki and topical streptococcal application.
Dr Salim was instrumental in the opening of the first bioresonance clinic in the Middle East in 2002.
For example, in Germany, a decision of the Federal Constitutional Court challenged an evidence-based reimbursement decision when a nineteen-year-old patient suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy requested coverage of bioresonance therapy, an unproven treatment that uses electrical signals.
Bahrain-based Dutch therapists Dr Maya Lok and her son Stephane say they have used bioresonance therapy to successfully treat patients who are suffering from allergies, back pain, eczema, asthma, migraines and many other conditions.
Melanie, 46, lives with husband Jeffrey, was very sceptical when she heard about Joseph Price and his bioresonance therapy clinic from an acupuncturist treating her for an unrelated groin injury.