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An amateur who tinkers with DNA and other aspects of genetics
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Por su parte, el Biohacking o punto de encuentro entre la biologia y la etica hacker, propone activistas que se identifican con el movimiento biopunk, el transhumanismo y el tecno-progresismo, desde la experimentacion de tecnicas medicas, nutricionales y electronicas que incluyen a la cibernetica, el registro de datos biometricos y el uso de nootropicos o drogas inteligentes, estimulantes de la memoria y potenciadores cognitivos.
La videosfera contempla igual los generos denominados postCyberpunk, donde estan el steampunk (1987) que se ubica en una era victoriana ucronica y muestra una vision apocaliptica del mundo; el Wirepunk (90s), heredero del steampunk que se centra en la tecnologia del siglo XX y el Biopunk que se basa en la biologia y la manipulacion genetica.
American science fiction and fantasy writer Paolo Bacigalupi won the Hugo and Nebula awards for his biopunk debut novel, The Windup Girl (*** July/ Aug 2010), and the Printz Award for best young adult novel for Ship Breaker (2010).
Novy describes Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as a "Gothic biopunk cautionary tale about the repercussions of man using technology and science to 'play God'.
Tambien sean bienvenidos al biopunk, neoweird, ribofunk, o a la "Ficcion humanista con un interes particular en como la tecnologia y la ciencia afectan la manera en que pensamos acerca de nosotros mismos," como define Ken Liu a su propia obra.
I was struck by the title--not knowing what biopunk was all about and what DIY meant.
Andrew Niccol's Gattaca, a biopunk vision of the future, predicts that people's roles in society are predetermined by their hereditary traits.
Art Gallery Chair feedback on this piece: Abraham's Kapitan Biopunk combines the aesthetics of a mad chemist's lab with Dionysian song and (literal) spirit.
There are equal parts military science fiction, post-apocalyptic biopunk message and anti-corporate/political story elements to it, and none are really given the chance to make the point that they could have made.
The petulant "children" of science fiction are the punks: Steampunk to cyberpunk to biopunk, these punks dominate the genre with their gate-crashing storylines and extreme characters.
Biopunk is another successful subgenre of science fiction.
One of the earliest biopunk novels was Mary Shelley's Frankenstein which is often classified as a horror story.