An affinity selection technique which selects for peptides—e.g., antibody-related peptides—that bind to a given target
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This patent, which is expected to be issued once BioInvent has responded to the notice, covers methods for differential biopanning.
According to the company, this patent relates to combined use of differential biopanning and high throughput sequencing, such as NGS in identification of antibodies to low expressed cell surface antigens.
Biopanning. Phage display was performed using a Ph.D.-7 Phage Display Peptide Library according to the manufacturer's instructions.
The 12-mer peptides used were originally identified by phage display biopanning of MAP cells using the Ph.D.-12 phage library and are chemically synthesized to achieve high purity before coating onto paramagnetic beads [32, 33].
The biopanning procedure is then performed and phages are selected for their ability to bind the antigen of interest.
In the present study, we sought to identify specific novel peptides or motifs for targeted delivery of drugs or imaging agents by in vivo biopanning method in mammary tumour of female Sprague-Dawley rats induced by LA7 cells.
Interesting members from the library can be isolated with simple biopanning selection by binding to an immobilized ligand, and the polypeptide can be identified from its encapsulated DNA [6].
Libraries of polypeptides displayed on the surface of bacteria are screened using flow cytometry or iterative selection procedures (biopanning).
We were interested in examining whether we could obtain peptides having biological activities similar to the GD1[alpha] by biopanning with the phage peptide library and anti-GD1[alpha] MAb.