binomial distribution

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bi·no·mi·al dis·tri·bu·tion

1. a probability distribution associated with two mutually exclusive outcomes, for example, presence or absence of a clinical sign.
2. the possible array of the number of successes in the outcomes from a fixed number, n, of independent Bernoulli trials; the probabilities associated with each constitute a binomial process of order n.
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binomial distribution

The outcomes of a binomial experiment with their corresponding discrete probability distribution.
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Ber·noul·li dis·tri·bu·tion

(ber-nū'lē dis'tri-byū'shŭn)
Probability distribution that describes likelihood of various combinations of two alternate outcomes in a series of independent trials.
Synonym(s): binomial distribution.
[Jakob Bernoulli, 1654-1705, Swiss mathematician]
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