Aldolpho, Italian pathologist, 1846-1917. See: Biondi-Heidenhain stain.
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Steve Biondi has assumed a newly created position as vice president, Global Partner Organization.
Principals Sean Sullivan and Antonio Biondi, who both joined the company in 2014 to lead the growth of the firm's asset services group in New York, secured the assignment.
Biondi will serve as a Class I director effective immediately, with an initial term expiring at the company's 2015 annual meeting of stockholders.
Biondi currently serves on a number of other corporate boards, including Amgen, Inc.
World Federalism 101, by Rick Biondi and Alex Newman, self-published via Create Space, 2014,212 pages, paperback.
Biondi was chosen by the BWD Variety Magazine as their choice for Author and Book of the month for October, 2014.
Meyer said Biondi blamed him for any articles he sees as critical of him or SLU.
A review of The Black Revolution on Campus (University of California Press, 2012) by Martha Biondi by Maurice Adkins (adkinsmu@mail.
Saturday at LaVelle Vineyards, 89697 Sheffler Road, Elmira, to raise money for the association and to help saxophonist and MEMA founder Paul Biondi with bills from a recent recurrence of his cancer.
Biondi recently announced that he intends to retire, and university officials are saying little about the specifics surrounding his departure.
Martha Biondi, an associate professor of African-American studies and history and director of graduate studies for the Department of African-American Studies at Northwestern University, chronicles this little-told chapter in recent history in The Black Revolution on Campus (California Press, August 2012).
In the last issue of SJR, it was reported that the suit pushed by Saint Louis University President Lawrence Biondi against Prof.