Aldolpho, Italian pathologist, 1846-1917. See: Biondi-Heidenhain stain.
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Botanical horticulturist Elisa Biondi, manager of the Princess of Wales Conservatory at Kew, says: "A lot of orchids look weird, which is what makes them so interesting and appealing to a lot of people."
Getting fired proved to be the right move for Biondi, who joined Top 40 powerhouse WLS-AM 890 in Chicago in 1960 and enjoyed stints in Los Angeles and at WLS's biggest rival during its heyday.
Biondi did not respond to requests for common Fans have been awaiting his comeback since April 2017 when Biondi was hospitalized for what was described as a leg ailment.
Boystown: Season Eight, is the latest installment of Jake Biondi's hit Boystown series ( about residents of Chicago's famed Boystown neighborhood.
L'aspetto nuovo del concetto linguistico di Flavio Biondo, esposto nella sua lettera De verbis Romanae locutionis Biondi ad Leonardum Aretinum (1435), consiste nell'idea che nella Roma antica tra il latino (latinitas, grammaticae artis) e il volgare (vulgare) la differenza fosse solo graduale.
Biondo Biondi, a professor of geophysics at Stanford University, used a 3-mile loop of optical fibers on the Stanford campus to record seismic vibrations caused by tectonic activity.
Unemployed Broody McHotttiepants explains how to become a famous Broody YA main character, as his evil ex-girlfriend, Biondi DeMeani, tries to open his eyes to the supporting character's plight.
The Biondi-Russel band was created specifically for this Rainspout performance by musicians Paul Biondi and Gus Russel.
"It was a dream of mine--an obsession--to have my own restaurant," says Nocciola chef-owner Pietro Biondi, who grew up cooking with his mother near Lake Maggiore, Italy.
Working hard to give this generation the security they seek is Ginny Biondi, a producer at Avon-Dixon Insurance Agency in Easton, Maryland.