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Chemistry A field that creates synthetic chemicals which act like biological molecules
Molecular biology The development of synthetic systems based on information from biological systems
Technology The formal study of biological processes and systems as a model for creating synthetic structures similar to those produced in nature
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Grasso's group is one of several involved in a large project designed to build biomimetic soft actuators capable of operating in a cluttered environment, maneuvering over and around objects, and then grabbing an object of interest and manipulating it.
Pursuing a wide variety of practical applications as well as the scientific knowledge they yield, other researchers in biomimetic robotics have produced mechanical mimics of lampreys, cockroaches, crickets, flies, snakes, dolphins, scorpions, and more.
As the field progresses, and the many groups working in biomimetic robotics increasingly collaborate and combine their specialized technologies, it seems likely that in the near future we will routinely see machines exploiting for human use many of the advantageous features nature has bestowed on animals over millions of years of evolution.
These investigations have yielded critical insights and have helped ML scientists and others progress toward the development of bio-inspired and bio-derived technologies--the principal research paths in the rapidly growing field of biomimetics.
The process of signal processing in biological systems, for example, is very complicated and well beyond the scope of current biomimetics.
The enormously complex, multistep biological processes associated with biomimetics often operate nonlinearly.