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Chemistry A field that creates synthetic chemicals which act like biological molecules
Molecular biology The development of synthetic systems based on information from biological systems
Technology The formal study of biological processes and systems as a model for creating synthetic structures similar to those produced in nature
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Pahl, "Biomimetics: its practice and theory," Journal of the Royal Society Interface, vol.
Next, organize students into small design groups of four or five and give each a shuffled set of biomimetic matching cards (Table 1).
This research activity was supported by Ministry of Education, Research and Innovations, PNCDI 2--289/2008 Reverse Engineering in Cognitive Modelling and Control of Biomimetics Structure
The papers have been organized into sections on shape and form in engineering in nature, nature and architectural design, biomimetics, natural materials engineering, bioengineering, solutions from nature, sustainability studies, and education and training.
Unlike typical human solutions to natural problems, which often involve the use of large quantities of energy or toxic chemicals, "biomimetics" are products or processes that copy natural designs, which by nature are usually non-polluting and use minimal energy.
NIDCR: All aspects of normal and abnormal craniofacial development, including genetics, complex origins of craniofacial disorders, cell lineages and differentiation, cell signaling and gene regulation, embryonic patterning, imaging, biomimetics, and new technologies for high-throughput genetic and protein screens.
Self-assembly and biomimetics -- using the natural systems of woody plants as either the source of inspiration or the template for developing or manipulating unique nano-, micro-, and macro-scale polymer composites via biomimicry and/or direct assembly of molecules.
Prof Julian Vincent, head of the university's centre for biomimetics, said: "Smart clothing will make wearers' lives much more comfortable."
Literally, the term biomimetics means to imitate life.
in aerospace engineering from Old Dominion University, focuses on "pre-competitive" technologies such as biomimetics, which looks to nature for inspiration for future aircraft designs.
Chris Lawrence of QinetiQ (the partially-privatised UK Defence Research Agency) presented a paper explaining his research into biomimetics (the study of natural phenomenon with a view to mimicking them) in the optical field.
FRS is a unique, patented face recognition technology that uses biomimetics -- a technology that mimics the analytical processes of the human mind by modeling the neural structure of the brain down to individual neural cell types, rather than relying on measurements for recognition.