health informatics

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health informatics

A term that means variously:
(1) The range of information technology (IT) and information-analysis skills and services required in the NHS.
(2) The application of IT to improve management of patient data, population data and other information relevant to patient care and community health, teaching, biomedical research, and advancing medical knowledge.
(3) The cognitive processes of medical decision-making and processing of medical information, including the technology and communication tasks of medical practice, education and research.
Bioinformatics, clinical informatics, consumer-health informatics.

health in·for·mat·ics

(helth in'fōr-mat'iks)
The practice and technology of collecting, storing, and analyzing health care data electronically and transferring data between computer systems.
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Realizing this value will require teams of practitioners skilled in modern biomedical informatics who, through their computational and analytic skills, will work alongside health system administrators and other (nonpathology) departments.
She serves as an adjunct associate professor for three universities and holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics earned at the University of Texas.
1) Seoul National University Biomedical Informatics (SNUBI), Interdisciplinary Program of Medical Informatics and Systems Biomedical Informatics Research Center, Div.
Diversity is what makes biomedical informatics, clinical informatics and personal health informatics such dynamics fields.
lt;p>"The goal of the program is national networking of all scientists," said Michael Conlon, interim director of biomedical informatics for the University of Florida, in a statement.
We can't necessarily say what we've seen in adamantanes is predictive of what will happen with Tamiflu but, in the larger dynamic, perhaps it serves as a cautionary tale," reflects Daniel Janies, associate professor of biomedical informatics.
Daniel Liebler, who is current director at the Jim Ayers Institute for Precancer Detection and Diagnosis, and professor of biochemistry, pharmacology and biomedical informatics at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and Dr.
Biomedical informatics technicians use computer programs and established methods and classification systems to compile, process, maintain and report electronic health data necessary for functions that include patient care, insurance reimbursement, legal actions and research.
Our biomedical informatics product suite allows labs to track and manage their biospecimen and clinical annotations data, while aggregating results with our research informatics system for a holistic solution.
at Harvard Medical School and a biomedical informatics researcher at
part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has been the primary sponsor of biomedical informatics research training in the U.

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