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Without a doubt, biological reductionism has considerable appeal.
However, that niche of social sensibility in a psychiatric world dominated by biological reductionism was disrupted by the resonances first of radicalised psychoanalysis in 'anti-psychiatry' and then of 'critical psychiatry' or 'post-psychiatry', under the dominant influence of Michel Foucault (Ingleby, 1980; Miller and Rose, 1986; Parker et al.
These attempts to scare people about marijuana through animal studies, because actual human experience with the drug is not alarming enough, suggest the pitfalls of the biological reductionism on which medicalization depends.
A more scientific approach to epidemiology gained influence after World War I, and while it supported environmental explanations of differential patterns of disease, it also imparted clinical authority to eugenicist and biological reductionism.
George Engel, the father of the biopsy-chosocial model, was one of my residency supervisors at the University of Rochester, so I was "inoculated" by his mentorship against the hazards of biological reductionism, to which Dr.
This is not to suggest that the biological reductionism inherent in psychopharmacology (i.
In light of this goal, he considers contemporary sociological discourse and its relationship to socialism and to Darwinism, the influence of biology on the social sciences, and the limitations of biological reductionism in sociology.
Despite the well-intentioned efforts of Crick, Carley, and Hunt to find a solid basis for engaging the theists, they will not be successful unless they can find a better approach than imposing an endless stream of hypothetical constructs and biological reductionism on the events.

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