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1. Vitality, the essential condition of being alive; the state of existence characterized by such functions as metabolism, growth, reproduction, adaptation, and response to stimuli.
2. Living organisms such as animals and plants.
[A.S. lif]


(līf) the aggregate of vital phenomena; the quality or principle by which living things are distinguished from inorganic matter, as manifested by such phenomena as metabolism, growth, reproduction, adaptation, etc.


n. pl. lives (līvz)
a. The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter, manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, and response to stimuli or adaptation to the environment originating from within the organism.
b. The characteristic state or condition of a living organism.
Of or relating to animate existence; involved in or necessary for living: life processes.


Etymology: AS, lif
the energy that enables organisms to grow, reproduce, absorb and use nutrients, and evolve, and, in some organisms, to achieve mobility, express consciousness, and demonstrate a voluntary use of the senses.
Industry The duration of a product or material in its as-manufactured form
SciSpeak The duration of a substance in a system
Vox populi A constellation of vital phenomena—organization, irritability, movement, growth, reproduction, adaptation


1. A constellation of vital phenomena–organization, irritability, movement, growth, reproduction, adaptation. See Quality of life, Sex life, Sexual life.
2. The duration of a product or material in its as-manufactured form. See Shelf life.
3. The duration of a substance in a system. See Biological half-life.


Cardiology A clinical trial–Losartan Intervention for Endpoint Reduction in Hypertension comparing the effects of 2 antihypertensives on cardiovascular M&M. See Antihypertensive, Atenolol, Hypertension, Losartan.


1. The quality or condition proper to living beings; the state of existence characterized by such functions as metabolism, growth, reproduction, adaptation, and response to stimuli.
2. Living organisms such as animals and plants.
[A.S. lif]


A self-replicating chemical system capable of undergoing Darwinian evolution. This is but one of many proposed definitions of the term.


the continuation of the collective activities of an organism.

Patient discussion about life

Q. So now it’s for life? Just like that, out of the blue my doctor told me a few months ago that I apparently I have diabetes (although I’m already 37), and that I’ll need to inject insulin to control my blood sugar. Moreover, I’ll have to restrict my diet and plan everything I put inside my mouth ahead. So far I manage with it, but it interfere with my life so much I don’t how long I can keep this way- it’s like I lost the possibility to be spontaneous in my llife. How do you cope with it?

A. Hi,
I share similar feelings- I was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a couple of years ago at 35, and indeed I have to plan my meals ahead. I don’t have any magical solution, but I can at least tell you that’s once you (and your environment) make some helpful technical changes, it feels less of a problem.

But hey, at least we had our twenties to live freely :)

Q. Is it for life? I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and started taking meds (MTX and others). How long will I have to take these medications?

A. sadly, i can't give you better news then mrfoot56 and brwnis65. these medication are for life. but there are all sort of new treatments that are now researched, using biological ways to reduce the immunoglobolins complexes that accumulates in your joints, here is an article about top 10 advances of 2007:

Q. Give life to her please! Here is a really confusing question to you all. But your reply is a life for her. I know someone who is bipolar and she thinks that her ‘brother’ sexually molested her when they were kids. Can this be a delusion? Or hallucinating?

A. Im going to answer this question a little different;What if she is telling the truth,and her brother is planning on no body believing her? because she has this disease?---keep that in mind when you take her to the DR--mrfoot56

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With Starrett's passage in mind, we can appreciate one of the most profound horrors The Hill of Dreams has to offer us: its investigation of biological life insinuates that it is a thing that should not be.
Designating biological survival as the normative or ultimate value in decision-making comes close to making an idol of biological life and reinforces the technological and medical imperatives because physical life is given an importance beyond its created status.
Finally, Jan Szaif turns to the vexata quaestio of the meaning and interpretation of Aristotelian eudaimonia, a hardly translatable term that speaks for the peculiarity of ancient moral philosophy, within which the virtuous life could not be conceived of as separated from the biological life and the world of nonmoral goods.
The mechanisms of biological life may well have come from the sea, but man is primarily a spiritual being, and the zoe life has to come from obedient response to God.
But are the moral issues surrounding the biological life of human individuals really as simple as the church suggests?
Suppose the laws of nature are fine-tuned not only for the self-assembly of molecules and stars and planets, but also for the self-assembly of biological life and biological complexity.
all of us--bring worlds and real-world consequences into existence through words, be they the things we say to one another, the policies that take a nation to war, or the rewriting of the genetic code that will bring a new form of cultural and biological life into existence.
Importantly, as I will explain soon, if the project of sovereign power has something to do with the management of biological life utilising the simultaneous instruments of "violence" and "care"--force and facilitation--then torture sits precisely at the nexus of these powers.
Those human beings whom they regard as non-persons, human individuals possessing merely biological life, do not possess such a right, though it may, depending on a variety of possible factors, be wrong to kill them for some reason other than respect for the inherent dignity of persons--for example, without the consent of their parents or others who have a claim to them.
Honor Harger, Director of Festival, explains: "The theme is Life, exploring the interplay between digital and biological life.
rejects both the necessity and the sufficiency of the mechanistic model/metaphor for biological life, and proposes an alternative, drawn equally from experience in biology, physics, and mathematics.
Organic nanotubes mimic the basic structure of biological tubules found throughout biological life systems such as the extracellular matrix and cellular ion transport channels.

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