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the study of human beings and their development, including their customs and practices, that is based on an understanding of the contexts from which observations about human activities are derived. adj., adj anthropolog´ical.
applied anthropology the use of anthropological approaches and knowledge to influence human behavior or encourage change (including economic development) in the living patterns of different cultural groups.
physical anthropology the field of anthropology that focuses on human physical characteristics.
sociocultural anthropology the field of anthropology that focuses on shared patterns of behavior and on customary, agreed-upon solutions that influence behavior; it also includes the study of interactions between individuals.

phys·i·cal an·thro·pol·o·gy

the study of the physical attributes of human beings.

physical anthropology

The branch of anthropology concerned with physical measurement of human beings (as living subjects or skeletal remains).
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Croatian Biological Anthropology in the Socialist Period.
Eleven essays contributed by professionals from a wide range of fields (social and biological anthropology, and primatology among them) explore questions of ethics in conducting the research and disseminating the results.
Deacon, professor of biological anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, and the author of several seminal books investigating the nature of language including The Symbolic Species: The Co-evolution of Language and the Brain (Norton, 1997) and, most recently, Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged From Matter (Norton, 2012).
This latest study adds further weight to the "hygiene hypothesis" in relation to Alzheimer's: that sanitised environments in developed nations result in far less exposure to a diverse range of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms - which might actually cause the immune system to develop poorly, exposing the brain to the inflammation associated with Alzheimer's disease, Dr Molly Fox, lead author of the study and Gates Cambridge Alumna, who conducted the research at Cambridge's Biological Anthropology division said.
She was drawn to biological anthropology at a critical moment in the popularisation of the story of human evolution.
Emma Pomeroy, a biological anthropology student, who stars as Miss August, was keen to volunteer.
Chenevix Trench is a natural scientist from Oxford University, with a PhD in biological anthropology.
He received his Diploma of Accounting from the University of British Columbia, and his BA in Physical and Biological anthropology from Pomona College.
Readers will glean hundreds of surprising pieces of information from 'How We Do It: The Evolution and Future of Human Reproduction', a new book by Robert Martin, a member of the University's of Chicago's Committee on Evolutionary Biology and curator of biological anthropology at he Field Museum.
They focus on the biomedical aspects of the placenta, how the placenta functions as a regulatory organ, the co-option of the immune system to become a regulatory system in early gestation, the evolution of genetic regulatory mechanisms made possible by the presence of the placenta, and the biological anthropology of the placenta.
Human variation in the Americas: the integration of archaeology and biological anthropology (Center for Archaeological Investigations Occasional Paper 38).
of Notre Dame, US) bring together contributors from biological anthropology, medical anthropology, epidemiology, archaeology, human biology, sociocultural anthropology, and public health for an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exploration of the relationship between health risks and adversity, defined as social or physical environments that create hardship or affliction.

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