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the study of human beings and their development, including their customs and practices, that is based on an understanding of the contexts from which observations about human activities are derived. adj., adj anthropolog´ical.
applied anthropology the use of anthropological approaches and knowledge to influence human behavior or encourage change (including economic development) in the living patterns of different cultural groups.
physical anthropology the field of anthropology that focuses on human physical characteristics.
sociocultural anthropology the field of anthropology that focuses on shared patterns of behavior and on customary, agreed-upon solutions that influence behavior; it also includes the study of interactions between individuals.

phys·i·cal an·thro·pol·o·gy

the study of the physical attributes of human beings.

physical anthropology

The branch of anthropology concerned with physical measurement of human beings (as living subjects or skeletal remains).
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Bioarchaeology podium sessions have comprised a significant number of the Biological Anthropology Section sessions at the American Anthropological Association annual meetings in the past several years.
8) Unlike social or cultural anthropology, biological anthropology was professionally established in CEE countries during socialism and it became equated with anthropology (Skalnik 2002; Mursic 2002; Martinovic Klaric 2013).
In the nomination for the award, she was hailed as "the authority in the measurement of the human form" and "a world leader in biological anthropology applied to product and system development.
At a Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council meeting in July 2003, chiefs and delegates voted in favor of the formation of a Nuu-chah-nulth Research Ethics Committee, responsible for reviewing all research proposals involving Nuu-chah-nulth subjects and the return of the blood samples from the Institute of Biological Anthropology at Oxford.
Relethford, chairman of the Department of Anthropology at Oneonta and author of The Human Species: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology, the textbook that is used for the course.
Jonathan Marks teaches biological anthropology at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and is the author of What It Means to Be 98% Chimpanzee (California), The Chromosomes in Human Evolution (forthcoming from Walter de Gruyter) and other works.
Biological anthropology has made important contributions to understandings of reproductive health primarily in two areas: reproductive ecology and behavioral ecology.
Last Rites for the Tipu Maya would serve as a superb introduction to anyone interested in how biological anthropology can be meaningfully applied to archaeological and ethnohistorical problems.
Often passed down family lines, the genetics of arthritis in this unique population was studied extensively during the 1980s by Richard Ward, now head of the Institute of Biological Anthropology at the University of Oxford in England.
But Cartmill, a professor of biological anthropology and anatomy at Duke University Medical Center, thinks that the form of unconsciousness known as sleep offers some clues to the mystery.
Montague Cobb Biological Anthropology Laboratory at Howard University.

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