Biological Father

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The genetic father of a child
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Another theory that has been posited is that girls without a biological father in the home are exposed more to unrelated adult males - specifically, the pheromones of these males - that lead to earlier onset of puberty.
He sounds great, so I'm sure he would support you in wanting to contact your biological father to have your questions answered.
The girl and her brother had been living with their mother and stepfather when the rape - the biological father claims - took place.
When our daughter and Ron finally split up a year ago (after 20 years of being together, though they were never married), Ron tried to force us all to sign a document stating that we would never tell Logan about his biological father.
Kurt spitefully reopens old wounds between Brad and Dusty for personal amusement and when Adrianna's biological father Roger (John Cena) muscles in on the festivities, tidings of comfort and joy run dry.
DNA paternity testing determines whether a man could be the biological father of a child.
Episode 10 will be an emotional one for Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) since she will meet her biological father Jimmy (Tony Crane) for the first time.
She discovers that he is not her biological father.
While Ezz has refused a DNA test to prove that he isn't the biological father of actress Zeina's twins, Ayman is demanding a DNA test to prove that he IS the biological father of his and Assala's son Khaled.
Summary: Woman says she kept her six-year-old daughter with a neighbour who is now claiming to be the biological father
Summary: The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has discovered his biological father was the former private secretary to Britain's wartime leader Winston Churchill, he said in a statement Friday
In the last month I have discovered that my biological father is not Gavin Welby, but in fact, the late Sir Anthony Montague Browne," Welby, 60, said on his official website.