Biological Father

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The genetic father of a child
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Daniel's biological father, Eryk Pelka, also gave evidence during the trial claiming that his son was fit and healthy when he separated from Luczak in 2008.
Tiwari had also moved the Supreme Court seeking to keep secret the results of the DNA test to find out whether he was Rohit Shekhar's biological father.'
Finally and most importantly, when other males are treated as the parent, which occurs fairly frequently in contemporary society, then the loss of the biological father must be understood from the viewpoint of the son or daughter in order to comprehend its impact on the child (Bowlby, 1980; Krampe & Fairweather, 1993).
The fathers, from Danbury, Essex, said they felt it was time to explain the twins' paternity because each infant is beginning to closely resemble its biological father.
A subset added that if the couple asked for more details, they should be told that the husband was not the biological father. Another 35 percent believed the counselor should tell the couple about the paternity data, though some suggested that the mother be told separately first.
* child support disputes: a single mother on social assistance may be asked by the government to name the biological father so that the child can receive child support from his/her biological father;
A netizen clarified what she meant by the 'father-daughter bond,' saying that the love between KC and Kiko was real even if he wasn't her biological father.
Episode 10 will be an emotional one for Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) since she will meet her biological father Jimmy (Tony Crane) for the first time.
THE Archbishop of Canterbury has been praised by faith leaders for the way he revealed that his biological father was not the man he first thought.
I'm 23 and I've just heard through a family member that my dad isn't my biological father and that I was conceived through sperm donation.
The continuation of the trial of a Windhoek resident arrested for the alleged murder of a four-year-old boy in 2015 after rumours surfaced in the neighbourhood that he was not the child's biological father, was on Friday put on hold until Monday next week (12 August 2019).
The first was my biological father. He guided me and shared with me words of wisdom.