Biohazard Suit

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A positive-pressurised, self-contained suit with a battery-powered air supply used in fieldwork with extreme biohazards—Biosafety Level 4 organisms.
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THREE vegans wearing biohazard suits protested against meat consumption in Cardiff yesterday.
Yet in 2006, when Petra Graft, a Swiss camerawoman, returned to London from Vietnam and was suspected of having avian flu, it took several hours for doctors from the Department of Health to arrive at her apartment: they couldn't find a key to the cupboard where the biohazard suits were kept.
Kaiser in biohazard suits to investigate a simulated report of suspicious chemicals, during an exercise scenario for Alaska Shield/Northern Edge 2007.
The infection has been largely brought under control, and fungal removal is now accomplished mechanically by scientists dressed in hooded biohazard suits, booties, and face masks.
Dressed in biohazard suits and holding barrier tape outside the store, four activists handed out leaflets warning shoppers that they risked catching bird flu by eating poultry meat.
The film sets out its bloodthirsty intentions from the opening scene, with scientists in biohazard suits walking around the barren landscape of New Mexico, armed with Geiger counters.
We were in post production at the time of September 11 and the anthrax scares and we were seeing people in biohazard suits everywhere.
Wearing biohazard suits and marking the field with giant syringes, the protesters warned that open-air field trials of genetically engineered (GE) pharmaceutical crops pose unacceptable risks to the food supply and the environment.
This week the watchdog agency also cited flaws in the Pentagon's count of protective biohazard suits for its troops.
The desert is littered with the bodies of hundreds of Iraqi soliders - their faces covered in lesions - as the men disembark wearing biohazard suits.
One compares the Center for Disease Control inspectors, dressed in biohazard suits, to those in E.